7 Facts About Shiryu, Vice Captain Blackbeard!

Shiryu’s name has caught the attention of fans, especially after he was chosen as the vice-captain of the Blackbeard group and here are some interesting facts about his character. Shiryu’s name first appeared when Luffy managed to break into Impel Down Prison. Shiryu is then shown as one of the level 6 prisoners in the prison who later manages to escape when Blackbeard and his group show up.

Shiryu then decided to join Blackbeard’s group, and thanks to his abilities, he was later made vice-captain of the pirate group. Ever since Oda first introduced him, fans have been curious about Shiryu’s character. And there are some interesting facts that later emerge in the story regarding Shiryu’s character. Anything?

7former head of guard

The first interesting fact about Shiryu is that he is the former warden of Impel Down Prison. In the flashback story, Shiryu is a subordinate and partner of Magellan, who is the leader of the Impel Down prison. However, Shiryu is a terrifying figure who often kills prisoners. And what is no less terrible is that he massacred prisoners for fun.

This was what later forced Magellan to imprison his colleague. Shiryu was not imprisoned in level 5 but in the lowest level i.e. level 6. The reason, according to Magellan, what Shiryu did was an act of madness. It is unknown how long Shiryu served as chief guardian. However, considering that Magellan knew Shiryu so well, it meant that he had probably been around long enough.

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