7 facts about Naruto Gaiden Minato, the origin of the Rasengan!

There are several interesting facts about the most recent Naruto one-shot manga, Naruto Gaiden Uzu No Naka Tsumujikaze, which introduces the story of Minato Namikaze’s past. The latest Naruto one-shot manga, Naruto Gaiden, is highly anticipated for its release schedule by fans. This is a gift from the creator, Masashi Kishimoto, to the fans and to the Minato character who has chosen it.

In late 2022, Kishimoto conducted a poll on which character is the most popular in the Naruto franchise. The interesting thing is that in the survey, the name of Minato Namikaze came out as the winner. Minato even beat Naruto, Sasuke and others. And Kishimoto then gave the one-shot manga as the poll prize. And this release of Naruto Gaiden has some important data. Anything?

Discussing Minato’s past

The first and most obvious fact about Naruto Gaiden is that this manga is about Minato Namikaze’s past. The story of Minato’s past has actually been featured in the stories of the Naruto series, but in fact, the broadcast part is very small. There weren’t many things presented in the past that aroused the curiosity of fans.

Naruto Gaiden Minato

Many fans are curious about Minato’s past with Kuina, how he created the Rasengan, and many others. This Naruto Gaiden manga responds to that curiosity. Even so, Minato’s past that is revealed in this manga is actually not much. Other than that, at least fans can already learn about the past of the Minato figure.

Moment created by Rasengan

Rasengan is one of Minato’s main Jutsu that he managed to create and later used by Jiraiya. And this Jutsu then taught his son Naruto Jiraiya and finally passed it on to his grandson Boruto. In Naruto’s story, Jiraiya explained that this was a Jutsu created by his father, but he never knew how the process of producing this Jutsu went.

Naruto Gaiden Minato

In this Naruto Gaiden manga, geeks will see how Minato’s efforts try to perfect the Rasengan Jutsu with Jiraiya. The interesting thing is that it turns out that the direction of the chakra vortex to do Rasengan requires a two-way combination. Initially, they suspected that the direction of the chakra vortex must be in one direction or the other. And the moment the Rasengan was created became one of the milestones in Minato’s life. Kurama was the first victim to feel the enormity of the Rasengan technique.

Origins of the name Rasengan

The name of the Rasengan technique is so popular in this franchise even now. However, aside from how this technique was created, fans never know why the name of the technique was called ‘Rasengan’. However, the question is finally answered in this manga in one fell swoop. As it turns out, Rasengan comes from the word ‘Rasen’, which is a three-dimensional, spiral-shaped object.

Naruto Gaiden Minato

In this story, Mito explained to little Kushina that the spiral staircase they climbed up was a relic of the Uzumaki clan. The circle or spiral has a deep meaning in that although it seems that we walk in a circle, little by little our attitudes and behaviors change. In essence, the Rasengan technique has a strong connection to the Uzumaki clan. And what is also interesting is that it was Kushina Uzumaki who named the technique or Jutsu.

Kurama trying to get hold of Kushina

Geeks of course remember how Naruto changed into Bijuu form when he was angry. Naruto experienced this at various times. And in the end, Naruto was transformed into the figure of a terrible Kurama. The interesting thing is that Kushina actually experienced something similar, where Kushina’s body completely lost consciousness and Kurama tried to take over his body.

Naruto Gaiden Minato

Kushina seemed helpless seeing Kurama who managed to escape the seal on his body. Fortunately, Minato managed to use the Shishou Fuin technique or the Eight Trigrams Sealing Style. And Kushina herself finally got control of herself and she resealed Kurama when she saw Minato severely injured by Kurama’s actions. What’s interesting is that the concept of Kurama trying to take over Kushina’s body is similar to Momoshiki trying to take over Boruto’s body. This is different from Naruto who was angry and then used Kurama’s chakra.

More focus on Kushina

This Naruto Gaiden one-shot manga is actually Minato Namikaze’s manga. However, in reality, this manga does not only focus on Namikaze. It could be said that the plot is more focused on the figure of Kushina Uzumaki. The manga shows Minato practicing and ultimately managing to create the Rasengan, but if you pay attention, the part of Kushina’s appearance and history is much bigger.

This begins with how Mito explains what it means to be the Uzumaki clan, explains what it means to be a Jinchuriki, and of course, explains how Kushina can become a strong figure in her own version. So even though the manga is “owned” by Minato, the part that appears most often in the story is actually Kushina and how he became a strong figure.

Kushina arrested

Kushina Uzumaki is a girl who came from Uzushiogakure and later moved to Konoha after her village was destroyed. However, Kushina was destined to become the next container, also known as Kurama’s Jinchuuriki. Speaking of Jinchuuriki Kurama, there are interesting facts related to this in the Naruto Gaiden story. That’s Kushina being held in a special area.

Unlike Naruto who could freely move wherever he wanted, Kushina had to experience an unfortunate fate. Sarutobi’s order as the third Hokage was that Kushina was to stay in a special area with two guards. This was deliberately done to prevent unwanted things, such as Kushina going berserk due to Kurama’s control.

only one chapter

So far it is known that there have been more than five one-shot manga titles in the Naruto franchise. This one-shot Naruto: The Whorl Within Spiral or Naruto Gaiden manga has a total of 57 pages that can be considered very interesting. Even so, it is known that there will be no chapter 2, 3 or more chapters of this manga. The story will end on the last page. Of course, this is different from Retsuden stories, like Sasuke Retsuden, which are up to 8 episodes long. Even so, this one-shot manga is no less interesting than several other one-shots.

Naruto Gaiden or Naruto: The Whorl Within Spiral is another one-shot manga that Kishimoto introduces in this franchise. And this one-shot manga can finally answer some of the big questions from fans that have been a mystery, especially regarding the figure of Minato Namikaze and also how the legendary Rasengan technique was created.

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