7 anime that need to do live action!

Although adapting anime into a live-action version is not an easy job, there are several anime titles that feel the need to do live-action versions. In fact, the adaptation of anime stories into a live action version has been done for the last few decades. However, in recent years live action anime adaptations have started to appear a lot.

Some examples are Ruruouni Kenshin, Cowboy Bebop, Bleach, Death Note and many others. Proposing a live action anime story is not an easy thing because often there are a lot of negative reactions that make the live action project ultimately fail in the market. However, there are several interesting anime titles if you feel the need to make a live action version. Anything?

blue padlock

Soccer is a very popular sport all over the world. In addition, fiction stories with a survival theme often get a positive response, such as Squid Game. Blue Lock combines these two things, which is necessary if this anime is to be made in its live-action version. If this happens, then the movie or series will present something unique.

Blue Lock himself talks about a Japanese government program to prepare the soccer team for the next world cup. A coach presented a new and unique program to create attacking footballers. There are many dramas and unique things that would be interesting if they were presented in a live-action version.


Akira is one of the anime classics that introduced the anime industry to fans outside of Japan, especially in the Americas. Akira itself is a film released in 1988 and adapted from Katsuhiro Otomo’s manga. The movie itself centers on a future world, where Tetsuo Shima is considered a major threat thanks to his telekinetic abilities.

Tetsuo’s telekinesis ability is considered to be very similar to that of Akira, a telekinesis expert or esper who once destroyed Tokyo. Tetsuo was then attacked by the government to prevent the destruction from happening. Despite the fact that more than two decades have passed, Akira’s story is considered in keeping with the current situation. Taika Waititi was going to work on the live-action Akira project, but it was ultimately cancelled.


Gundam is a popular franchise that has become the face of the Japanese anime industry. And indeed, mecha genre anime has been around since the 1980s in Japan. Even so, Gundam is still considered one of the stories that popularized anime and the mecha genre. The Gundam franchise itself is one of the biggest.

With the extraordinary popularity of Gundam and the large number of fans of the mecha genre, it seems that Gundam is one of the anime that needs to make a live-action version. Even so, this live-action adaptation project will obviously require large funds or production costs. Most of the funds will be spent on the final process introducing CGI to feature various mecha battle moments and various other things.

black lagoons

Black Lagoon is a unique anime because this series is inspired by several movies produced by Quentin Tarantino and also by John Woo. Quentin Tarantino inspires several violent things that appear in his stories, while John Woo inspires many action scenes and weapons that appear in his stories.

live action animated

Black Lagoon tells the story of a businessman who joins a group of pirates, assassins, and smugglers. The man actually turned brutal and became a part of them. Black Lagoon has several things to adapt in a live action version, especially for the action genre. With anime inspired by various Hollywood movies, of course, it will be much easier to adapt it into a live action version than other anime titles.

one punch man

One-Punch Man features something that is also unique from most anime stories. Saitama is a hero who can destroy his enemy or anything with one hit. The various attacks directed at him almost never managed to injure him. ONE deliberately created the character Saitama as a form of mockery of various main characters in the shonen anime genre.

live action animated

The live action adaptation of One-Punch Man feels very interesting and unique, because it will introduce something new. What might be hard to do is find an actor who can play Saitama, where the actor needs to hold back his facial emotions in order to keep looking flat as Saitama. And the interesting thing is that many fans are also hoping that there will be a live action version of the One-Punch Man movie.

vinland saga

Viking is one of the series that is quite popular today. Vinland Saga has the same elements as Vikings. Even so, of course, the story premise of the two shows is very different. Vinland Saga itself is an anime that focuses on the figure of Thorfinn who seeks to avenge the death of his father. However, he actually got “caught” in the various adventures that exist.

live action animated

Thorfinn himself is a member of the Viking nation. This Norse-themed anime features a lot of historical references, which is one of the reasons Vinland Saga needs to be turned into a live-action version. And historically themed anime, especially with Norse and Viking elements, will certainly be able to attract the interest of fans.

Spy X Family

Spy x Family is one of the new anime that has managed to capture the attention of fans. The popularity of this anime is truly extraordinary as it didn’t take long for the anime to become popular outside of Japan. The story itself centers on a character named Loid Forger who builds a fake family to complete his great mission.

live action animated

Spy X Family is unique in terms of its time setting, where this series features a cold war moment between West and East Germany. Apart from Loid, Anya as well as Yor Forger and Bond will be the main attractions of this movie. Spy-themed movies are certainly not a new thing in the TV and movie industry, so of course it won’t be too difficult to adapt the story into a live-action version.

Some anime are considered to have story quality or other elements that are considered appropriate for a live action version. And the various titles above are examples. These anime must be turned into live action thanks to their interesting characters and unique premise. Some of these projects have been planned to be realized but in the end they had to fail.

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