6 Secret Hulk Powers That Are Rarely Known!

As a member of the Avengers with extraordinary physical strength, the Hulk has become one of the most popular characters in Marvel history today. The dual identities of Dr. Bruce Banner and the Hulk indirectly gave birth to a unique combination of physical strength and intelligence that surpasses that of humans in general. Now, although many fans are quite familiar with the Hulk’s basic abilities, do you know that he still has other secret powers that are rarely known? In this article, we’ll explore six secret Hulk powers you may not have heard of.

i can’t die

Although Bruce Banner is basically a human being, he maintains the secret power of the Hulk that prevents him from dying easily. This is evident from Banner’s various attempts to commit suicide, such as shooting himself in the head, crashing into a train, etc., but he never succeeds because the Hulk will always come out to defend his body from all sorts of dangers. The same is true if someone else tries to hurt Banner while he is in his human form. The Hulk will immediately take over his body and turn into a green monster that can be said to be almost immortal because it cannot be harmed.

super lung

With a massive body and physical strength, it’s no wonder Bruce Banner’s lungs also became enlarged when he turned into the Hulk. But did you know that the Hulk’s lung capacity is one of the secret powers that often makes him excel in various battles? For example, when he fights in a room filled with poison gas, the Hulk is relatively able to hold his breath for longer. The same thing happens in water. Where Namor the Sub-Mariner was shocked that the Hulk was still able to fight underwater for quite some time. In addition, his breath also allows him to spew tornadoes out of his mouth.

Create a Portal

One of the clues as to why the Hulk is hard to kill is that he has a green gate portal that will always appear when he dies. This portal is what makes it so that he can never go to the afterlife when he dies. Even more surprising, in addition to the portal that separates death and life, the Hulk has also been shown to be able to create portals to other places with his strength. Where this has been proven by one of the Hulk’s smartest people named Doc Hulk. The yellow portal that Doc Hulk created allows him to teleport anytime, anywhere. In another story, the Hulk’s fist can also open a path to another dimension.

Dive into the Earth

We all know that the Hulk is capable of jumping ridiculous heights and distances, where he can cross continents with a single leap. But before this power was popular, the Hulk preferred to dive into the ground to get around. He will continue digging into the ground like swimming in the water, until he finally gets to the point he wants. This secret power that the Hulk rarely uses has even proven effective in battle. Because he can dive to the ground and come back to the surface to ambush enemies from a blind spot.

Trusted Herbalist

When the Hulk took over Bruce Banner’s body, he tended to be less intelligent and couldn’t contain his emotions. But that doesn’t mean Bruce’s intelligence can’t integrate with his personality. In fact, when he appeared as the Hulk, he still had a lot of knowledge about herbs that made him a skilled herbalist. Where this secret power is often called plant instinct, meaning the Hulk can still figure out which plants are medicinal or poisonous. Just by sniffing, the Hulk can learn the uses and benefits of a plant he finds, and then process it into medicine that can be useful.

change people

In Marvel history, the Hulk is one of the characters that has multiple personalities, one of which is the Doc Hulk that we discussed earlier. This proves that within the Hulk and Bruce Banner are actually stored many secret powers that other people possess. Call him Master who is able to survive nuclear war, Devil Hulk whose blows can destroy adamantium, even TOBA Hulk who can destroy a planet with ease. It’s not only his personality that can change, but also his body color as Joe Fixit, who has a gray body and is often seen wearing gangster-style clothing.

Such is the Hulk’s secret superpower that is rarely known. At this point, we can at least conclude that the Hulk is actually an extraordinary character with plenty of surprises in store. Behind his well-known basic abilities, such as superhuman strength and stamina, it turns out there are many secret powers that make his existence in the Marvel Universe even more terrifying and interesting.

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