6 Reasons Flash Failed Completely!

The production house of Warner Bros. Discovery had to experience a history of great losses due to the film The Flash that failed miserably, but what was the real reason for the failure? The Flash is the latest DCEU movie, which was released last June. This film is anticipated to be a way to introduce something new to the production house, namely a new cinematic universe.

The Flash itself tells the story of Barry Allen, who goes back in time to save his mother’s death. However, what happened instead changed the entire existing timeline and reality in the DCEU. Unexpectedly, the Flash movie turned into a nightmare for WB. Discovery. The reason is that this movie has a bad history at the studio. What is the real reason why The Flash movie failed miserably?

bad cgi

In fact, CGI technology has become one of the important things in the superhero movie genre. This technology is often used in various scenes, ranging from battles, visual effects, and even various details on both the characters and those around them. It’s not uncommon for fans to criticize CGI technology in a movie, causing the film’s cachet to eventually have to go down.

This was also felt by the movie The Flash, where not a few viewers complained about the CGI quality of the movie. With the subpar CGI quality, it ultimately disappointed the fans and gave negative responses to this movie.

The “breakdown” of the SnyderVerse.

Zack Snyder is a figure appointed by Warner Bros. to build a cinematic universe that can rival the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Snyder himself finally managed to build the cinematic universe that we later know as the DCEU. Man of Steel became the opening movie of the DCEU and other movies have appeared in this timeline since then, including The Flash.

However, this SnyderVerse ultimately had to experience the “destruction” after the BvS: Dawn of Justice movie flopped on the market. Not to mention the controversy over the Suicide Squad movie and the Justice League movie that ended up exacerbating this condition. The disintegration of the SnyderVerse due to WB, which was deemed too much to interfere in various matters, ultimately had an impact on The Flash movie as well.

New Cinematic Universe Announcement

Regarding the destruction of the SnyderVerse in the DCEU, WB later announced that they were ready to introduce a new cinematic universe. James Gunn, who this time was designated as the one responsible for this. Gunn even revealed his long-term plans for this new cinematic universe in December 2022.

Whether you realize it or not, this move is also one of the main reasons why The Flash failed miserably on the market. Many fans have lost interest in The Flash after Gunn announced the various movie plans he has in store for the DCU. These fans think that the various DCEU movies are no longer relevant and interesting.

superhero fatigue

Superhero fatigue or multiple superhero story fatigue is another reason why The Flash movie failed miserably in the marketplace. Superhero genre movies have never received such an extraordinary frenzy in the last decade. Admittedly, this is due to the success of the concept of a cinematic universe developed by Marvel Studios.

the reason the flash failed

However, it seems that people are getting sick and tired of movies in the superhero genre, which has had an impact not only on the MCU but also on various movies produced by DC Studios. Flash becomes the new “victim” of this superhero burnout. Obviously with the way that people’s interest in watching superhero movies has now started to wane.

Excessive use of the multiverse concept

In the world of comics, the concept of the multiverse comes up often and there are many important events related to the multiverse. This concept is also trying to be applied in the cinematic universe, especially DC. The Flash is, in fact, the first in the DC Cinematic Universe to introduce the concept of the multiverse. However, this is not the first movie in the Hollywood film industry.

the reason the flash failed

Aside from people being tired of superhero-themed stories, they’re also tired of multiverse-themed stories being considered too much. The Flash itself was planned to be the entry point for the concept of a new cinematic universe, but with the two movies introducing the multiverse concept, fans are ultimately reluctant to see the movie.

The Ezra Miller controversy

The main reason The Flash failed miserably in the market was the Ezra Miller controversy, which was extraordinary. After the production process of the film, Ezra Miller, who played Barry Allen, later appeared on many news sites with bad news. Most of the bad news is that Ezra Miller has to deal with the authorities.

the reason the flash failedFor example, how Ezra once committed a crime by stealing other people’s things. He once also caused a commotion at an entertainment venue, which later resulted in a manhunt. And the worst thing is how Ezra has done bad things to 12-year-old girls like giving them alcoholic beverages and so on. These various controversies angered the people.

The Flash movie had experienced a rough period during the production process, before this movie was finally released. However, The Flash became a nightmare for the production company, Warner Bros. Discovery because they have to lose a very large amount because of this movie.

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