6 attention-grabbing cameos in K-dramas

The cameo on Celebrity managed to steal the attention of the audience. In addition to Seol In Ah, Lee Junho’s presence also increased the enthusiasm of netizens.

Hello Cilers!

Who watched the newest Korean drama on Netflix, which aired all episodes on June 30?

Yes, especially if you don’t Famousa drama that is currently being talked about a lot both in terms of an interesting story, good chemistry in the cast, a subtle romance that manages to get you excited, and finally, there are a series of cameos that have stolen the attention of netizens.

Anyone curious? Check out 6 cameos that garnered attention Famous!

lee sang yoon

celebrity cameo 3

Lee Sang Yoon previously appeared in a revenge drama Pandora: under paradise. Her presence became one of the things that aroused the enthusiasm of the audience, even though she only served as one of the celebrities featured on the show. fashion shows Balmain Paris.

Lee Sang Yoon appeared brief, but handsome. You can see the presence of him in episodes 2 and 7.

seol in ah

celebrity cameo 4

Who does not know the beautiful actress Seol In Ah, her appearance in Business Proposals highly commented by netizens. Of course, thanks to his experience in the role conflict with Kim Se Jeong.

So this time Seol In Ah is present as a cameo in a Korean drama. Famous, he plays a character named Song Yeon-Woo, a famous advertising star whose contract has expired. That’s why when he saw Seo A-ri, he immediately reached out to her after hearing rumors that she was dating CEO Han Jun Kyung.

Cilers can see Seol In Ah’s appearance in episode 7.

Jung Eugene

celebrity cameo 2

Jung Eugene looks stunning as the leading model for Balmain Paris, named Choi Bom. Choi Bom’s figure became Seo A-ri’s target to boost her clothing business that had previously been acquired by Besta Room.

The plan worked and Seo A-ri’s popularity grew even more. Cilers can see Choi Bom’s appearance in episodes 7 and 8.

David McInnis

celebrity cameo 1

Known for his role in descendants of the sun, David Mclnnis also makes brief appearances at celebrity events. The brief appearance of him can be seen in episode 7.


celebrity cameo 5

Yuqi plays a character named Zhang Wei, a celebrity from China who has great power to influence the Chinese market. Seo A-ri intends to invite him to collaborate to broaden his buyer range.

And sure enough, when the two did a live broadcast, all the stock provided was sold out. Seo A-ri once again managed to demonstrate her efforts. Cilers can see Yuqi’s appearance in episodes 8 and 9.

lee junho

celebrity cameo

The last cameo whose appearance was quite short but garnered a lot of attention from the audience was Lee Junho. He appeared as a janitor at the residence of account owner @_bbbfamous in episode 12. Many suspected his presence was a clue to season 2.

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