5 unique promotions for Barbie movies, available in Indonesia!

Since she was first released in 1959, to this day, Barbie has become a favorite fashion doll for children’s and even adult collectors around the world. As a creator, Mattel never stops developing its products with innovations that keep up. One of them is through the cinema. Barbie which will soon be in theaters. Where Warner Bros and Mattel are even more aggressive in promoting their movies. Here are five unique and ambitious promos for the film. Barbie which are spread all over the world, even in Indonesia!

Barbie Selfie Generator

wave of movie promotion Barbie the first that we can see and even feel for ourselves on various social networks, the bait is on Twitter, TikTok and Instagram. This can happen because Mattel and Warner Bros. deliberately provide an artificial intelligence site called Barbie Selfie Generator, where fans can make Barbie or Ken-style profile pictures or posters using their own photos. In other words, this rather brilliant promotion relied heavily on the enthusiasm of fans who had inadvertently helped the movie go viral by sharing Selfie Generator photos on various social media.

Barbie x brand collaboration

Barbie movie promo

Aside from social media, of course, movies Barbie He also did a number of live promos in the real world. For example, putting up billboards, selling collectible fashion dolls, and making products like drink containers and popcorn in movie theaters. Interestingly, in addition to this general promotion, Warner Bros. and Mattel have also collaborated with various well-known brands to market their films. Including collaborations with clothing such as ‘Barbie x Cotton On’ and ‘Barbie x GAP’. There’s also ‘Barbie x Impala Skate’, which released Barbie (Margot Robbie) and Ken’s (Ryan Gosling) unique protective skates and visors that can really be used for more than just decoration.

Barbie Dreamhouse Malibu

Barbie movie promo

Recently, social media has also been buzzing with news about an Airbnb rental house that has Barbie house designs and furnishings. Interestingly, the promotion for the movie deliberately brought the Barbie Dreamhouse into the real world by changing the design and recoloring a rental house in Malibu, California. The fact is that the promotion through Dreamhouse, which is called Ken Palace, has managed to create enthusiasm for the film. Barbie Getting big. What’s more, not long ago it was reported that singer John Legend and his family spent time in this pink house which has a very striking color.

barbie bondi beach

Barbie movie promo

Nothing less interesting than Barbie Dreamhouse, movie promotion Barbie The next one, which is considered very ambitious, is to turn a real beach into a typical beach for Barbie and her friends. Where this promotion takes place in Bondi Beach, Australia, which is famous for its white sand. Sure enough, not all Bondi Beaches become Barbie beaches, maybe only some of them are next to local hotels, but we can imagine how much budget was spent to carry out this promotion. Even this promotion was also ‘driven’ by the director Greta Gerwig and the cast of the film, such as Margot Robbie, Issa Rae and America Ferrera, who attended the place.

Barbie Roundabout HI Gate

Barbie movie promo

Finally, the promotion that has recently gone viral among Indonesian Twitter users is the effort by Mattel and Warner Bros to decorate the gate of the HI Roundabout station in Jakarta with movie trinkets. Barbie. Through photos and videos shared by a Twitter user named her. Here we can see the HI roundabout station gate changed to pink. Around him are posters and icons of the characters from the film. Including iconic Barbie and Ken variants played by Simu Liu, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Dua Lipa, Issa Rae and many more.

Those are five unique promos for the movie. Barbie that are taking place all over the world. Based on all this, we can conclude that the promotion of the movie will definitely cost a fantastic amount. Where this reflects the optimism of Warner Bros. and Mattel, who are quite sure that the film will be a success or at least become more well-known by fans in various parts of the world. We will see later if the film succeeds or not. Movie Barbie is scheduled to open in theaters around the world on July 21.

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