5 Related Events in the Two-Time Love Series

Cinta Dua Masa tells a relatable love story wrapped in an entertaining romantic comedy.

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Love and communication are two things that must go hand in hand to maintain the integrity of a relationship. However, what happens if a love story that has been structured for a long time ends due to communication problems?

Alma (Prilly Latuconsina) and her boyfriend Rangga (Luthfi Aulia) experienced this. The conflict started when Rangga arrived at a high school reunion event, which was also attended by Cinta (Laras Sardi), his ex-girlfriend from high school.

On the other hand, Langit (Pradikta Wicaksono), an agency owner, also experienced a similar incident. advertising who discovers that his girlfriend, Nadine (Jasmine Elfira), is having an affair with Delon (Putra Dinata), Langit’s best friend.

Before you watch this original series, take a look at the five events that occurred in two time lovesurely relate really with the life of Gen Z!

Abandoned facility unfortunately

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In the first episode of the original series. two time love, the audience will witness a scene where Alma and Rangga are having lunch in a restaurant. The meeting, which was originally just a routine appointment schedule, in fact turned into an event that broke Alma’s heart.

Not only was he decided, Alma’s lover of three years also chose to re-establish a relationship with his ex-girlfriend in high school. wow that’s enough relateyes, with most of the Gen Z love stories that tend to run aground when they are in love.

Intel class stalking capability

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After breaking up with Rangga, like most girls, the first thing Alma did was overthinking and find out what is the true cause of all this: is it due to a deficiency in it or some other error that has occurred.

Because she was unable to find a clear reason why their relationship might end, armed with a mobile device and a stable internet network, Alma immediately launched an investigation aka lurking on social networks

Also, to find out about Rangga’s new girlfriend, who happens to be his ex-girlfriend from high school. Only through social networks, Alma can even find out who Cinta is and the agenda of the art exhibition that she will hold.

This kind of “intelligence” talent, suddenly must be possessed by a woman who is heartbroken, right?

Problematic inner child what is the origin of the problem

Problems with parents from childhood to adolescence often become psychological wounds for children, without their parents realizing it.

This also happened with Alma who had a problem trust problem and attitude despotic towards her boyfriend, which may be due to her parents’ post-divorce trauma.

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On the other hand, Langit also has his own trauma, as a result of his father, who has always been strict and demanding a lot from him.

This finally made Langit a man with a level unsafety high and often blames himself for all the problems that happen to him, even when his girlfriend, Nadine, has an affair with Delon, his best friend.

Have a friend who serves as a motivator

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Even though she was abandoned by her lover, Alma doesn’t go through her own days, you know? He has a friend named Anya, who always supports him and accompanies him when he feels sad.

For example, when Alma had just broken up with Rangga, Anya would always cheer Alma up, even having Anya repeat a special “mantra,” “I am beautiful, I am good, and I have the right to be happy,” so that Alma would not be depressed in her life. sad for a long time

Expectations turn a new page, reality is stuck in the past

two-stroke love
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After parting ways, Alma and Langit had actually decided move on and they soon forget their past with each other’s ex.

In the middle of his process move onthe two are even thrown into the past and are required to be able to right the wrongs that have existed, even preventing the separation of their respective partners.

This incident finally made Alma and Langit realize that all the ups and downs that occur in their lives must have their own lesson and color for their lives in the present and future.

Follow 8 episodes of a journey through time in the Original Vidio Series two time lovewhich will be released on July 14, 2023.

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