5 record kissing scenes in Hollywood history

In human life, a kiss is a romantic moment that is generally intended to describe someone’s affection for their partner. In the Hollywood film industry, kissing scenes are often used as the main focus to convey a very close relationship to the audience. Some of these scenes have even broken records and become quite iconic in movie history. In this article, we will review five kissing records in Hollywood history that are still in the memory of the audience to this day!

The First Kiss – The Kiss (1896)

Hollywood kissing record

In the era of silent movies, The kiss It is one of the short films that is quite phenomenal and managed to make history in the Hollywood film industry. This film by director William Heise dedicated to the inventor Thomas Edison only lasts about 18 seconds. Where during this duration the film shows a kiss scene performed by May Irwin and John Rice as part of the end of the musical stage. The Widow Jones. The world of Hollywood registered it as the record for the first kiss shown on the big screen some 127 years ago.

The Kiss Between Nations – Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (1967)

Hollywood kissing record

Did you know, geeks, that in ancient times there was a time when kissing scenes between nations were considered taboo to be shown on the big screen? The stigma was finally broken by a film titled Guess who’s coming to dinner which managed to break the record for the first kiss scene between nations in Hollywood history. This comedy-drama genre film tells the story of the struggles of a white woman, Joanna Drayton (Katharine Houghton), and a black doctor, John Prentice (Sidney Poitier), to fight against the racism of the people around them.

The Interspecies Kiss – Planet of the Apes (1968)

Hollywood kissing record

One year after the kiss between nations was well received by Hollywood fans, the cinema Planet of the Apes managed to break yet another mind-blowing record, in which the film was the first to show an interspecies kiss. Inspired by the 1963 novel of the same name, this film from director Franklin J. Schaffner centers on astronauts whose plane crashes on a planet full of intelligent primates. At one of their facilities, an astronaut named George Taylor (Charlton Heston) is told to fall in love with a primate named Dr. Zira (Kim Hunter).

The Biggest Age Gap Kiss – Harold and Maude (1971)

The next movie that managed to break the record for a kiss scene in Hollywood history is Harold and Maude. The film’s plot follows a taboo relationship between a disillusioned twenty-something man and a fun-loving eighty-something woman. The romantic relationship between the two main characters creates a kiss scene with the largest age difference, which is 60 years. Until now, no other film has surpassed his record, and what deserves a nod is the professionalism of the two actors.

The Longest Kiss – Kids in America (2005)

Hollywood kissing record

Inspired by real events, children in america is a comedy genre film about a group of high school students from diverse backgrounds who come together to fight for their rights and personal dignity. Thus, one of the premises of this film by director Josh Stolberg focuses on the relationship between the characters Holden Donovan (Gregory Smith) and Charlotte Pratt (Stephanie Sherrin). Where they managed to break the record for the longest kiss in Hollywood history, which is 6 minutes 44 seconds. Now, 18 years later, there’s still not a scene in another movie that has captured his record.

That’s five records for kissing scenes in Hollywood movie history that haven’t been superseded to this day. These records indirectly created many iconic moments that sparked changes in the film industry. Where in the end these scenes are considered to have managed to present the romance that makes Hollywood movies unforgettable to this day.

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