5 movies canceled for ridiculous reasons!

We can all agree that, up to this point, Hollywood has still managed to defend its title as the leader in the world of cinema. But just like the entertainment industry, Hollywood is also often full of unique decisions that tend to surprise. For example, such as the cancellation of a number of major movies that had been previously produced and even nearly released to the public. So while to this day there are still many movies that have been successfully produced, this time we are going to talk about five Hollywood movies that have actually been canceled for reasons that are considered to be very ridiculous.

Fantastic four

From the past to the present movie Fantastic four as cursed to never succeed, both financially and in response from Marvel fans. But of the many movies Fantastic four that finally opens in theaters, there is one more project that has a more tragic fate because in the end it is canceled for a ridiculous reason from Marvel.

movies canceled for ridiculous reasons

It all started when production company Constantine Film rushed to make Mister Fantastic and Friends in 1994 with only a budget of around US$1.4 million. Before the release of the trailer, the film Fantastic four it was suddenly cancelled. According to Stan Lee, the reason was from the beginning. “Marvel never intended to release it” Because “The movie is too bad for the fans to see.”

justice league mortals

movies canceled for ridiculous reasons

justice league mortals is another superhero movie that is ultimately canceled for ridiculous reasons. Warner Bros., which previously wanted to match the success of the MCU with this movie, has even tapped director George Miller to work on it. Unfortunately, due to a 2007-2008 Hollywood strike, Miller was forced to move production on it to his own country of Australia. Unfortunately, this led to the film’s cancellation because the Australian Film Commission deemed it justice league mortals ‘less Australian’ and unwilling to offer tax discounts on production. Although by this time the crew was more Australian, including George Miller himself.


In 2015, Disney announced an animated movie project that was highly anticipated by fans, namely gigantic. The film, in which the director Nathan Greno would work, aims to tell the story of Jack, who befriends a female monster and fights against evil giants. Although it arouses great enthusiasm among fans of Disney’s fairy tales, the film gigantic ended up getting canceled for ridiculous reasons from Disney, who felt they wanted “Reducing Fairy Tale Movies, aka Fairy Tales.” Surprisingly, after this cancellation, Disney continues to release fairy tales until now.


movies canceled for ridiculous reasons

First release in 2014, Divergent is one of Lionsgate’s top sci-fi action movie franchises that was predicted to rival the success of The Hunger Games AND Harry Potter. Unfortunately, when the studio released its third film titled Loyal (2016), franchise revenue has actually declined. This is what finally does the fourth film titled Upward canceled for some ridiculous reason. Where Liongate intends to make it into a ‘TV series’ which led to the withdrawal of main character Shailene Woodley who played the character of Tris in the previous three movies.

Bat girl

movies canceled for ridiculous reasons

Cancel released 2022, Bat girl it’s one of the DC superhero movies that fans really anticipate its presence. The reason is that in addition to starring Leslie Grace as Batgirl, this film will also be enlivened by actors like Brendan Fraser as the villain Firefly and veteran actor Michael Keaton who will reprise his role as Batman. Unfortunately, Warner Bros. canceled the movie shortly after production was completed. It was later reported that the film Bat girl canceled for a ridiculous reason, where WB deliberately did it to get ‘tax relief’.

There are five film projects that were canceled for reasons that could be considered ridiculous. We can imagine how the filmmakers and their cast must feel after hearing that their movie was canceled for trivial reasons. For example, because the film about the American superhero Justice League is less Australian or because the film franchise that had been built up to now has suddenly become a series. While we may laugh at the reasoning, it still reminds us that movie production is a very serious business and full of surprises.

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