5 interesting facts about the betting of Series 2, which will be broadcast in October!

Coming in October, here are 5 fun facts from the second season of Bet The Series!

After the first season was successfully viewed more than 15 million times, bet series 2 he will soon be greeting his fans again in October.

Brothers Elzan (Jefri Nichol) and Ical (Giulio Parengkuan), who in the previous season managed to defeat the moneylender kingpin Tony (Kiki Narendra Setiawan), this time they must face a bigger opponent, Irfan (Khiva Iskak).

welcome presence bet series 2 On Vidio, Dian Lasvita Dwiyanti as VP of Vidio Originals revealed that, “What Elzan and Ical want most is happiness and family unity.

After successfully capturing the attention of millions of viewers in Season 1 with the story of their struggles and life struggles, this October, Elzan and Ical will return, with stronger common enemies, more complex conflicts, and more all-out action.

Straight from the statements of the directors Sidhartha Tata and Fajar Marta, see 5 interesting facts of the Original Vidio Series bet series 2!

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Most Elegant Action Choreography

No bet the series its name if not loaded with challenging fighting action, especially when it comes to street fighting.

According to the information from the directors, the main cast such as Jefri Nichol, Giulio Parengkuan, Clara Bernadeth and the other players even had to undergo a series of grueling physical training to make the battle scenes look real and natural.

Unlike the previous season, bet series 2 it will also feature more orderly and graceful action choreography. The series mixes various types of martial arts, aided by the professionals who join the crew.

Selection of unusual shooting locations

In Season 2, Elzan & Ical will once again be involved in the dirty world of the mafia, loan sharks and gambling, with a higher caliber. In fact, the two became involved in the underground casino business, which took place in a hidden location.

To make this casino game, The Series 2 Gambling team built a sunken barge and tobacco drying warehouse in Yogyakarta.

In addition to the casino setting, the audience will also be invited to explore the other side of the “Student City” and see new places that are rarely known and unexpected.

Hollywood quality shooting treatment

To further improve the output quality of Series 2 betting, Sidharta Tata also conducted various shooting technical experiments, one of which was the single long shot technique.

The single long shot itself is a shooting technique that shows the subject as a whole, from head to toe, including the background ensemble.

By using this filming technique, filmmakers can easily determine the setting, the atmosphere, and the correlation of the characters with their sets.

In addition to that, to bring out the illegal and dark effects in various sets, the team also used a special lighting infrastructure, with technology adopted from abroad.

Collaboration of action, drama, suspense and suspense

In addition to the stories and action scenes audiences have been waiting for, bet series 2 it will also feature many additional genres.

From drama, to suspense thriller. In Season 2 Currently, Elzan and Ara will face a love triangle with a new character, Datuk (played by Bio One).

Other than that, in terms of the suspenseful thriller genre, a number of sadistic and bloody fight and murder scenes will also be featured. Along with elements of black comedy that will continue to show up in conversations between characters.

Star-studded cast

It comes with a bigger universe, bet series 2 it will introduce both old and new characters, further adding to the excitement and tension of the original series. In fact, according to the director’s second leak, there will also be new, stronger enemies, even the appearance of unexpected characters.

“The story and characters in The Series 2 Gamble have their own level of complexity. Not to mention in terms of the production process, all the equipment is very complete and detailed. I would venture to argue that Gambling The Series 2 is the complete package. And I think this is the biggest selling point of this original series.”
5 facts about the dance bets of series 2, which airs in October!2
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bet series 2 will again be produced by the famous production house, Screenplay Films. This original series is specifically for viewers ages 18 and older (18+). Before watching, don’t forget to rewatch the first season, which is available in its entirety on the Vidio platform.

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