5 Forgotten Members of the Justice League!

DC fans definitely have their own perceptions and preferences when it comes to choosing their favorite member of the Justice League superhero team. However, in general, we will choose popular and tough superheroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc. But did you know that in the DC Universe itself there are also members of the Justice League who are no less powerful than Superman, but are rarely talked about because they never appear again? In this article, we’ll be going over the five strongest members of the Justice League who never made an appearance again and were ultimately forgotten.


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In DC lore, William MacIntyre aka Triumph was originally known as one of the founding members of the Justice League who has the power to manipulate gravity, mind control, flight, and physical strength equal to that of of Superman. Unfortunately, at one point in the DC Universe, he is told that he is sucked into a dimension of limbo as he tries to save the world, until he finally forgets about it. As a result, when Triumph managed to return to the real world, he saw that the team he had founded was highly revered by humans. The sad thing is that this really makes him jealous and mean. Triumph is so strong that it takes the combined forces of the Justice League and the Justice Society to defeat him.

star man

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The next member of the Justice League who is no less powerful than Superman but rarely appears is Starman. This character whose real name is Mikaal Thomas is actually an alien who claims to rule the Earth. But he in the process falls in love with a woman and decides to protect the Earth with all her might. Where her gems allow her to fly, have super strength, heal herself, and be nearly immortal. So when the supervillain Prometheus kills his lover, Starman finally joins the Justice League. Unfortunately, he decided to retire before fans really got to know him.

biggest disaster

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As his name implies, Major Disaster is a formidable DC character who has the ability to manipulate natural disasters. Derivatives of this power allow him to control the weather, fire electricity that is capable of injuring Superman and Wonder Woman, and manipulate the wind in order to fly. Although he debuted as a villain, he eventually repented and was given the chance to become a member of the Justice League. But before his superhero career could shine, he died at the hands of Super-Boy Prime, known as the most evil and strongest variant of Superman in the multiverse.


Faith is one of the superheroines whose strength and presence in the DC Universe are unique. This can happen because before becoming a superhero, she had the appearance of a fat woman who looked weak. But when she turns into the superhero version of her singing about her, no one will dare bother him. Because Faith has a very powerful telekinetic ability. Where apart from being used to flying, this Justice Leaguer who has never appeared can apply her telekinesis to other people even objects as large as skyscrapers and then easily throw them.


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First introduced in the comics. justice League Of America, Bloodwynd is a crime-fighting superhero with the power of necromancy. On the other hand, he also has the Blood Gem artifact that allows him to increase his physical strength with the spirits around him, then fly, shoot energy blasts, and even taste death. With this unique power, Bloodwynd is recognized as one of the strongest members of super teams like the Justice League and the mythical super team Sentinels of Magic. But because he never got the attention he deserved, he never appeared in DC stories again.

Those are the five members of the Justice League that are often forgotten by fans because they never show up. Although they may not be getting the attention they deserve right now, they are still members of DC’s greatest superhero team who have done a great deal to fight crime and protect the world from all kinds of threats. As a loyal DC fan, there’s nothing wrong with allowing ourselves to appreciate and acknowledge its existence and extraordinary power. Of these five tough characters, which one is your favourite, geeks?

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