5 facts about insomnia, the new enemy of the Justice League!

Insomnia is a tough new opponent for the Justice League in the latest comic story and there are several interesting facts about the villain. DC Comics is back with the latest Justice League story in the Knight Terror comic. The comic itself focuses on the Justice League investigating what happened to John Dee aka Doctor Destiny.

They started to feel strange when they did a deeper investigation. The Justice League had suspected that there was a powerful magical power that caused John Dee to have bad luck. However, it was apparently revealed that Insomnia was the mastermind behind all of these events. Perhaps, not many people know about this new Justice League villain and here are the facts.

Owner of the Nightmare Stone

John Dee, also known as Doctor Destiny, is a very powerful and terrible villain. He is the owner of one of the most powerful and terrifying artifacts, the Dream Stone. This is the stone that allows Doctor Fate to see people’s dreams and turn them into reality. However, after Doctor Destiny’s defeat by the Justice League, the artifact was stored in a safe place.

In Knight Terror: First Blood #1, Insomnia is revealed to be much stronger than John Dee. If he is the owner of the Dreamstone, then Insomnia is the owner of another terrible artifact, Nightmarestone. From what is presented in the story, Nightmarestone gives Insomnia the ability to put everyone to sleep and give them the biggest nightmare of their lives.

The most powerful enemy of the Justice League

In terms of his Insomnia and Nightmarestone, this is another one of the strongest Justice League foes they’ve ever faced. In the Knight Terrors: First Blood #1 comic, Insomnia is shown to successfully put all members of the Justice League to sleep. In fact, the terrible thing is that not only the heroes, but also the villains and the entire population of the world have been put to sleep by Insomnia and have nightmares.

insomnia justice league

Batman himself managed to survive using a tool that can stimulate adrenaline in his body. However, in the end, Batman had to “lose” and have nightmares. In his dream, as shown in the Knight Terrors: Batman comic, Bruce Wayne has to face his nightmare when his parents die. And several other related comics also show the nightmares of each character, such as Deathstroke, Ravager, and even the Joker.

Can only be defeated by one person

So far, the Justice League has been completely overwhelmed when dealing with Insomnia. They were unable to match Nightmarestone’s powerful abilities. Zatanna herself almost had to suffer a bout of insomnia. However, there is one underrated hero who is the last hope to face the terror of Insomnia, namely Boston Brand aka Deadman.

From the beginning, Boston Brand saw something strange in what happened to John Dee. After all, this is not a normal phenomenon. Deadman eventually found out that it was Insomnia’s doing and the villain himself even acknowledged Boston’s power. He even asked her to join, which she clearly refused. Deadman is the only character not affected by the power of insomnia.

Trapped in the Nightmare Realm

insomnia justice leagueAs the name suggests, where Insomnia is the controller of Nightmarestone, Insomnia is a villain who hails from the Nightmare Realm or the nightmare dimension. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any explanation about Nightmare Realm. However, there can be a lot of horrible things out there, and the dimension could contain all sorts of horrible things.

strong villains

One of the reasons Insomnia is the strongest villain the Justice League has ever faced, even if they couldn’t take her on, is because of her abilities. Insomnia is shown to have some powerful abilities, such as being able to travel between the real world and the Nightmare Realm. He is also capable of bringing nightmares to everyone.

insomnia justice league

In Nightmare Realm, Insomnia is a villain who can make someone’s nightmare come true. And the last ability is that he can put everyone to sleep and control someone’s body. This is like what he did to the body of John Dee aka Doctor Destiny where his body was controlled when he went up against Batman, Harley Quinn and Deadman.

DC Comics is back to bring terrifying nightmares and terrors to the Justice League. In fact, in addition to the Justice League, the villains and everyone in the world must face the horrors of Insomnia. And some of the points above are interesting facts about the new villain. Let’s just wait for the continuation of the story of the Justice League trying to defeat Insomnia.

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