5 facts about Garp’s punching power!

The Monkey D Garp figure is famous for his extraordinarily powerful punches, but there are some interesting facts about Garp’s powerful punches. We have no reason to doubt Monkey D Garp’s power level in the world of One Piece. He is one of the strongest characters in the series, where he is even on the same level as Roger.

One of the wonders of Garp’s character is the terrifying level of his punching power. Garp is one of the marines who does not have devil fruit powers. Still, that doesn’t mean Garp is weak or unable to compete against those with devil fruit powers. Rather, he was able to match any of them with punching power. There are several facts about Garp’s hit. Anything?

trained long

One of the reasons why Garp can become one of the strongest characters and has devastating blows is because he trained for a long time. In chapter 1087 we see how Brannew shows two warships belonging to the navy whose bottom has been quite destroyed. In his explanation, this was the work of Monkey D Garp.

garp punch data

Since he was young, Garp has always practiced his punches so that they become strong. However, he uses warships so that the power of his punches is much more powerful and not an ordinary punching bag. And the surprising thing is that Garp himself doesn’t cover his blows with Haki or devil fruits. Brannew said that Garp’s powerful blows did not come alone, but were trained.

Capable of destroying mountains

Related to Garp’s punch strength training, in addition to being able to make a sea warship shapeshift, it turns out that Garp is capable of destroying mountains. This happened when Garp was about to fight one of the evil and terrible pirates from the past, Don Chinjao. Garp, who said that he trained by destroying various mountains.

garp punch data

Unlike when he practiced hitting naval warships, at this time Garp was much older in the navy. And Garp also uses Haki to cover his blows. And as a result of this, Don Chinjao’s head, which originally had a sharp shape, became crooked. He took out his anger on Luffy in the Dressrosa arc, but in the end Luffy reverted to Chinjao’s head form. CONTINUES ON PAGE 2 >>

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