5 exosuit transformers that have appeared!

While exosuits are a relatively new thing for big screen movies, this doesn’t apply to the Transformers franchise, and several types have even made an appearance. The exosuit is something that has long been introduced in the transformers franchise, for example, the exosuit was featured in the movie The Transformers: The Movie, which was released in 1986. Since then, the appearance of the exosuit has started to occur. frequently in various stories.

Exosuit is a modern technology that helps its users to gain additional strength and power. In various kinds of action movies, an exosuit is a piece of technology that can help a character do things they couldn’t before. And in the Transformers franchise, various types of exosuits have been introduced. Anything?

First generation exosuits

transformers exosuits

This is the first generation exosuit featured in The Transformers: The Movie. Spike Witwicky is the owner of the first generation exosuit. He uses this technology to help Bumblebee carry out his duties at the Cybertron Moonbase. There are several advantages to this exosuit owned and used by Spike Witwicky.

The exosuit allows Spike to carry very heavy loads. In fact, the load that he can carry is the same one that the Autobots usually carry. This exosuit also gives Spike more ability to move around to help his friends. And what is surprising, this exosuit can also be used as a life-saving tool as a tool.

What is unique is that this first generation exosuit does not have a shape like the exosuit we know. Spike’s exosuit is like a small vehicle that he can drive and control with a variety of advanced features. This exosuit can also be used as a weapon, such as when Spike’s son Daniel turned part of Spike’s arm into a cannon. And when he moves, this exosuit can turn into a go-kart of sorts. Daniel himself obtained this exosuit after it was inherited by his father, Spike.

Second Generation Exosuits

There’s actually no official name for this upcoming exosuit. Without a doubt, this is an exosuit developed from the previous model. After a long time, Daniel Witwicky used the first generation exosuit, in the Train Wars storyline he got the model or the last generation of the exosuit from him. This latest model is much more sophisticated and powerful.

For example, this exosuit can give Daniel the chance to dress up as Transformers. He can also transform into an electric arrow or a pantograph when he helps other Transformers who become partners in the Train Wars storyline, namely Shouki. In the story, Daniel disguises himself as a Thunder Arrow pilot and later helps Shouki in the fight against Kickback.

Verity Carlo Exosuit

In IDW Publishing’s Last Stand of the Wreckers comic story #1, fans were introduced to another exosuit. This time, the exosuit belongs to a protagonist named Verity Carlo. He is a member of the Wreckers, a group of tough Transformers. Verity Carlo joins in and helps the robots.

Verity is known to have a unique exosuit that helps her carry out various missions. If the first and second generation exosuits require the wearer to “fuse” with this technology, Varity Carlo’s exosuit is different. She can use only one part of her body, such as an arm or a leg, without needing to use all of it. The exosuit’s lower legs can be turned into wheels that allow it to move freely.

Kicker Jones Exosuit

transformers exosuits

In addition to the comics, Transformers also transforms the exosuit he wears in an anime series titled Transformers: Energon. Kicker Jones is the son of Dr. Jones is an intelligent scientist who collaborates with Optimus Prime and the Autobots to investigate Energon. Kicker’s father made a special T-shirt for Kicker.

Actually, this is a spacesuit like an astronaut’s suit that has the main function of being a breathing apparatus. Because they live on the planet Cybertron. However, Dr. Jones later redeveloped this special suit that allowed Kicker Jones to finally help Optimus Prime and the other robots. This special suit has enormous energy from Energon.

Noah Exosuit

transformers exosuits

This is the first exosuit to appear in the Transformers franchise. This exosuit appeared yesterday in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts. Noah himself was originally an ordinary human figure who helped the Autobots and Maximals deal with existing threats. However, at the end of the movie, we see Noah gaining additional powerful powers in the form of an exosuit.

In fact, this has been instructed through various existing promotional materials. And just like Spike and Daniel Witwicky, this exosuit becomes Noah’s way of helping the Autobots and Maximals. Noah’s exosuit will most likely be used again in other sequel film projects in order to help his fellow robots.

The use of exosuits in the Transformers franchise is arguably very interesting. Because, with the help of technology, human characters can become involved in big events involving robots. And the design of the exosuit itself has evolved from its inception to now.

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