5 characters stronger than the Yonko!

The Yonko may be the strongest pirates in the world of One Piece, but there are several characters stronger than the Yonko. In the One Piece story, the four pirates who rule the ocean, also known as Yonko, are pirates who have above average strength. They can’t be compared to normal level pirates or even Shichibukai.

We can see the proof of Yonko’s genius in the figure of Whitebeard, who is the most powerful human being in the world. We also get to see Kaido, who has ruled Wano for 20 years, Big Mom, who has tremendous physical strength, and even Shanks. Although Yonko’s genius is truly extraordinary, there are also characters who are stronger than Yonko. Someone?

monkey d garp

Until now, Garp has become one of the underrated characters in One Piece history. Although Oda Sensei provides hints that Garp isn’t just anyone, many fans don’t really think of Garp as a character with tremendous power. One of the clues that Oda presents regarding Garp’s strength is how he can destroy mountains or hills.

Garp destroys mountains or hills only by relying on the power of Haki and bare hands. So far, Garp is considered the strongest marine even in his old age. Garp is known to be a rival of Gol D Roger and has never lost once. That is to say, Garp’s power level is really terrible, as shown when he was on Beehive Island.

Rocas D Xebec

Famous as the cruelest and most terrible pirate on all the seas, Rocks D Xebec is a pirate who has received the attention of the World Government and the navy long before Gol D Roger. The cruelty and horror of the Rocks pirate group even forced the World Government and the Navy to “erase” information about this pirate group from history.

characters stronger than yonko

This is the reason why nobody ever knew about the figure of Rocks and his group. How everyone, even the World Government, perceives Rocks as a huge threat gives an idea of ​​how powerful Rocks is. He even had subordinates like Whitebeard, Kaido, and Big Mom. In fact, in order to defeat Garp, Roger had to help him.

goal d roger

A stronger character than the next Yonko is the pirate king, Gol D Roger. Roger is considered the strongest character in the world, because without the devil fruit he managed to conquer the entire Grand Line. He even managed to go to Laugh Tale and find One Piece. Kaido himself even recognized Roger’s greatness and admitted that he wasn’t a necessary devil fruit to rule the world.

Oda Sensei doesn’t really show much of Roger’s genius in the One Piece story. However, in those few moments, Oda managed to convey a message about Roger’s awesome power. For example, how he used the Kamusari technique to make Kozuki Oden fly. Later, Roger was able to withstand all of Whitebeard’s attacks without the slightest injury for three full days.


One of the great powers in the world of One Piece. The Gorosei are a group within the ranks of the World Government consisting of five parents. It used to be a mystery, in the end, Oda Sensei began to show what kind of awesomeness the Gorosei are. In addition to revealing their identities, Oda displayed the power of the Gorosei when they faced Sabo.

characters stronger than yonko

Oda Sensei has not provided any information about Gorosei’s powers yet. However, what appeared in the previous chapter gives a sign that Gorosei’s powers are not arbitrary. They were able to transform into shadow monsters, which Sabo himself was unable to resist. This means that the Gorosei are clearly one of the stronger characters than the Yonko.


A much stronger character than the number one Yonko is Im. The ruler of this world has tremendous power that not everyone can face. In fact, as geeks know, even the Gorosei prostrated themselves and knelt before Im. So far, Im is the most mysterious character where Oda’s identity and strength have not been introduced.

characters stronger than yonko

In chapter 1085, just like Gorosei, Im can also transform into a shadow. However, Im’s shadowy figure is far more terrifying than Gorosei’s. There is no information about what powerful power Im has. Which is clear, how she can sit in the current position of him and the powerful mysterious power explains that she is a much stronger character than the Yonko.

In fact, the genius of the Yonko has been recognized for decades. For a pirate to own the title is certainly not easy. They are also the pirates known to be closest to One Piece or Laugh Tale. However, the characters above are proof that there are many stronger than the Yonko.

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