4 Superman Who Was President!

To this day, the DC Universe has featured many interesting stories and interpretations of one of its favorite superheroes, namely Superman. Starting from the main incarnations who usually work as amateur journalists at the Daily Planet, to the cosmic-powered milkman Milkman Man. But do you know that among the various versions of Superman, it just so happens that there have also been presidents in various interesting DC stories. ? Now, in this article, we will get to know more about Superman, who has been told to lead the country as president in the DC Universe!

silver age superman

DC Comics first recounted the concept of a superhuman becoming president through one of the classic Clark Kent, aka Superman, stories during the Silver Age era. Where it all started from the dream of Clark’s best friend named Jimmy Olsen. In broad strokes, the story describes what the United States would be like if Superman became its president. For example, the Paspampres and the national army are less useful because Superman can solve all of his problems by himself. At the end of the story, Superman was actually offered to become president in the real world, but he immediately turned it down because he felt unworthy as a Kryptonian alien.

superman armageddon

superman president

Another DC comic that has told the story of Superman as President is Armageddon 2001 (1990). In this crossover comic that takes place in 2030, the superheroes are told that they are overwhelmed by the villain called Monarch. One of the solutions to defeat him is to send the superhero Waverider back in time to find his weakness. In the process, Waverider arrived in 2001, where Superman actually served as the leader of the United States, who also held the power of Green Lantern. At this point, fans saw that if the Man of Steel was a good president, then he could use his powers wisely.

calvin ellis

superman president

When DC Comics rebooted their multiverse through Post-52 (to be read fifty-two), for the first time they featured a black Superman who became president of the United States. He is Kalel aka Calvin Ellis from Earth-23 who is told to survive the destruction of the planet Krypton and become Superman on Earth instead of Kal-El aka Superman as in previous stories. As a superhero and president, Calvin Ellis is loved by his people. Interestingly, the character of Calvin Ellis, who debuted in 2009, was inspired by Barack Obama, the first black president to lead the United States for two terms until 2017.

red son

superman president

From the United States we now move on to the Soviet Union, where an alternate version of Superman from Earth-30 named Kal-L is said to have grown up in a small Russian town instead of Smallville. Now this is why Superman has a communist outlook as one of the strongest superheroes in the Soviet Union. In the Elseworlds DC comic titled Superman: red son, Superman is told to be directly appointed to lead his country when Stalin dies. This is where the beginning of his name changed to Red Son, because he has managed to reduce the crime rate in his country and raise the standard of living of its citizens. But in return he took away all freedom from his country.

That’s the whole discussion about the versions of Superman that have surprisingly been presidents in the DC Universe. Through their stories, we can at least know what it would be like if a character as strong as Superman was the leader of a certain country. From Calvin Ellis, beloved by his people, to Red Son, who has a cold hand, all versions of Superman have managed to show how he influences the world of politics with extraordinary strength and principle. Which ultimately makes them known as symbols of hope, as well as leaders with integrity.

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