10 Rival MCU Cinematic Universes!

It seems that everyone knows about a cinematic universe called the MCU, also known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Starting in 2008 with the Iron Man movie, the MCU has continued to grow until now. Even now, the MCU is considered the greatest cinematic universe of all time. Imagine geeks, every year the MCU releases 3 movies at once. Even that doesn’t include several series that are also connected to the MCU. And actually, geeks, there are several major cinematic universes that are considered capable of becoming the biggest competitor to the MCU. What are cinematic universes? Check out the following Geeks!

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games originally a Suzanne Collins novel that was later adapted into a film. Although the movie is not that similar to the novel and leaves out several important characters, the movie manages to portray the story presented in the novel. That’s why The Hunger Games was such a big hit and there were several sequels made. And after the latest movie titled The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 was released in 2015, many thought that the Hunger Games movie universe was over. But it’s really only just begun, because at the end of this year, we’re again introduced to a new movie called The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes.


Perhaps this is the cinematic universe that is the main opponent of the MCU. When the MCU was a huge success, Warner Bros. decided to create a rival cinematic universe called the DCEU, also known as the DC Extended Universe. This cinematic universe was first released in 2013, with Man of Steel as the opening film. This cinematic universe has featured several well-known characters from DC comics like Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and many more. Unfortunately, the DCEU has failed, especially after the release of Justice League, so Warner Bros plans to reboot the DCEU and replace it with the DCU name.


So this is a cinematic universe that focuses on horror stories. In 2013, New Line Cinema kicked off this cinematic universe with the movie The Conjuring, which not only received positive reviews but also made huge profits. Due to its success, they eventually made several sequels and spin-offs that eventually became part of the Conjuring movie universe. Even the Conjuring spinoff also produced a sequel. If counted, this movie universe has generated $1.6 billion on a budget (which, combined) is just $139 million, making it the most successful horror movie universe of all time, surpassing even Alien and Halloween.


Speaking of the Monsterverse, we are talking about the cinematic universe that focuses on terrifying monsters. The Monsterverse began with the Godzilla movie that was released in 2014. Then the universe continues with various sequels like Kong: Skull Island, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and finally Godzilla vs Kong. But the Monsterverse won’t end at Godzilla vs Kong, as Legendary will be making more Monsterverse movies in the future. And this universe will not only focus on Godzilla, but will also feature other iconic monsters.

Star Wars

The Star Wars Cinematic Universe is indeed vast. Imagine, the universe began in the 70s and continues to this day. The universe does not continue only through movies, but through series and comics. This universe created by George Lucas focused on the iconic Skywalker saga. But after the Skywalker Saga ended in Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker, now the focus of the story has started to shift to other characters. And considering the breadth of Star Wars history, there are plenty of interesting characters that can be the main focus.


Just like Star Wars, this cinematic universe started from the 70s, which was introduced in a movie called Rocky. This cinematic universe is centered around the sport of boxing, and Sylvester Stallone is an icon of this cinematic universe. When it was first released, the Rocky movie was a huge success, winning three Oscars. That is why several sequels were made. And even now we can still see a Rocky sequel, but this time it does not focus on the character played by Stallone, but on the character played by Michael B. Jordan, titled Creed.

Harry Potter / Wizarding World

Warner Bros. has firmly established the sequel to the Harry Potter cinematic. Especially after the sale of the Hogwarts Legacy game, which shows that there is still interest in the market for this magical world. But now, the Harry Potter universe is being reset. Warner Bros has a lot of work to do to rebuild its magical world. But given the breadth of Harry Potter stories that can be explored, there are plenty of potential stories that could be featured. It’s only a matter of time before new movies from the Harry Potter universe are released in the future.

hasbro universe

Hasbro has a complicated history when it comes to bringing its franchise to the big screen. For example, when they tried to bring in GI Joe, Battleship, and Transformers, which didn’t go well. As for Transformers and GI Joe, they are both currently being rebooted and are in the same universe. The Transformers: Rise of the Beasts movie confirmed that both Transformers and GI Joe would crossover, but it’s not known exactly which movie it will happen in. That means characters like Bumblebee can meet up with Snake Eyes and they can get their act together.

alien universe

The Alien cinematic universe has also been around for a long time, specifically in 1979, which began with the Alien movie that Ridley Scott worked on. Since the success of the first film, this cinematographic universe has not stopped growing, so that sequels and prequels have been made, which have been worked on in the form of films, novels and video games. But what is at issue here is the movie version of the universe, which has spawned well-known sequels and prequels. Examples are Aliens, Alien 3, Prometheus, and Alien: Covenant, which are prequels. And the Alien universe will continue, considering a new Alien movie is in the works, scheduled for release in 2024.


Just like the DCU, SSU is a huge competitor to the MCU. But if DCU is focused on DC characters, SSU is the same as MCU which is focused on Marvel characters. SSU was created by Sony Pictures and stands for Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. The characters that appear in this cinematic universe are related to Spider-Man, because the rights to Spider-Man remain the property of Sony Pictures. There are already several movies at SSU, starting with the Venom movies, Morbius, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, and later on we will be introduced to a new movie called Madame Web.

Those are some movie universe geeks who are rivals to the MCU. Although the movies are not as big as the MCU, the cinematic universe is quite large and capable of competing. Among the cinematographic universes, which is your favorite?

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