10 new MCU characters removed!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is home to many interesting characters, from superheroes to supervillains, who have managed to capture the hearts of fans for the past fifteen years. However, did you know that in addition to the characters we get to see in various MCU series and movies so far, it just so happens that there are also superheroes and supervillains that were actually cut from the final iteration of the show? There are those who are considered unfit for the story or even too early to reveal the character. Here are ten new MCU characters that were cut for various reasons.

beta ray bill

Beta Ray Bill is one of the new MCU characters that was sadly cut from the movie. Thor: Ragnarok (2017) directed by Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige. In Marvel Comics, Bill is an alien with a cyborg horse body who is shown to be able to lift Thor’s hammer Mjolnir and has his own weapon called the Stormbreaker. Originally, director Taika Waititi was going to show him as a cameo in the film. ragnarok, but Feige banned it because he thought having a character as big as Beta Ray Bill only as a cameo felt unfair. Unfortunately to this day he still hasn’t appeared as well.


MCU characters removed

A concept image for the film. Avengers: Infinity Wars (2018) once revealed the existence of Supergiant along with other Thanos minions in the MCU. It’s a shame this new MCU character was cut from the final version of the movie, perhaps because Ebony Maw, Cull Obsidian, Proxima Midnight, and Corvus Glaive were deemed enough to overwhelm the Avengers. Supergiant himself is known as a Marvel Comics supervillain who has telepathic abilities and is capable of devouring other people’s intelligence. You can imagine how dangerous it would be if he showed up and took Iron Man’s intelligence, maybe a story infinity wars it will end in an even worse tragedy.


MCU characters removed

Vampire is the name of one of the Earth Eternals that exists in the Marvel Universe. At a glance, his appearance is similar to DC’s Batman, except that Vampiro has great physical strength, can fly, and is skilled in wrestling. Vampire was about to debut in the cinema eternal (2021), but for whatever reason, this new MCU character was ultimately scrapped. One of the more plausible reasons is perhaps that director Chloe Zhao feels that ten Earth Eternals, like Ikaris, Sersi, etc., are dense enough for a movie that’s about two and a half hours long.

australian peasant

Bushman is a terrifying character that will appear in the series. moon knight (2022), but was ultimately removed because it was deemed unfriendly to be shown in the MCU. Known by his real name Raul Armand, Bushman is one of Moon Knight’s nemeses in Marvel Comics, known for being skilled in hand-to-hand combat and the use of weapons. According to the producer and writer. moon knight Jeremy Slater, the series’ creative team, agreed to ditch his character and replace him with a less brutal Bushman-like character, namely Arthur Harrow.


MCU characters removed

The next iconic character who almost became the main villain of the MCU but was ultimately eliminated is Nightmare, who has the power to make someone’s nightmares come true. In the comic itself, through the fear felt by the victims of him, it is shown that Nightmare is able to continue to strengthen himself as ruler of the Dream Realm. His failed MCU debut came to light after concept drawings for the film. Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness (2022) shows him riding a horse. But in the end, the MCU prefers to make Scarlet Witch a nightmare for everyone.

balder odinson

MCU characters removed

Balder Odinson is another new MCU character that was cut from the movie. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Known as Thor’s half-brother in both Marvel Comics and Norse mythology, Balder is the son of Thor and Frigg, nicknamed the God of Light. not long after the movie multiverse of madness was released, a storyboard not used in the film shows Balder’s appearance as a member of the Illuminati super-team on Earth-838. Not too long ago, Scarlet Witch actress Elizabeth Olsen confirmed that the MCU creative team had prepared a Balder costume for an actor like Daniel Craig to wear. Unfortunately, this interesting idea was not used.


Never before would anyone have thought that a popular mutant like Cyclops would almost appear in the series. EM. Wonderful in 2022 then. The appearance of this character who can shoot deadly lasers from his eyes was revealed through a concept image showing an Avengers-Con cosplayer in the series wearing a Cyclops costume. That means that the Cyclops character was almost recognized as part of the MCU, before ultimately being removed, perhaps because Marvel had to be more careful if it wanted to introduce mutants in its cinematic universe.


MCU characters removed

Of the many great characters that appear in the film. Thor love and thunder (2022), it turns out that previously Marvel also intended to introduce Galactus, who is known as a planet-eater. Through an MCU concept image that was ultimately cut from the final version, Galactus is seen facing off against Jane Foster aka Mighty Thor who is one of the main characters in the film. The reason her character didn’t appear is probably because Galactus is too big for the movie, considering that in the comics he often turns into a big bad villain that has to be faced by many superheroes at once. .

fin tusk foam

MCU characters removed

Another character that appears in the conceptual image Thor love and thunder but finally removed from the MCU is Fin Fang Foom. Originally from the planet Kakaranthara, Fin Fang Foom is one of the shape-shifting Makluan aliens, where in the comics he is told that he deliberately went to Earth to rule the human world. But in the process he fell asleep for thousands of years because he ate medicinal plants in China. Much like Galactus, the reason his character didn’t appear was probably because Fin Fang Foom was too big for a movie that was already full of gods.


MCU characters removed

Not many know that movie. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022), It almost features a unique character named Vashti who is closely related to the Atlanteans in the comics. Because in the movie, Atlantean is replaced by the underwater nation Talokanil, both of which are led by Namor the Sub-Mariner, it seems that Vashti is destined to be an old man on Talokan. You can see his appearance in the concept image above, where Vashti has blue skin and a distinctive traditional dress. Like most MCU characters that were ultimately cut, it seems Vashti was canceled because the film was deemed too dense for her to feature.

Those are ten new MCU characters that were cut from the final version of the movie or series for various reasons. In the end, the removal of this character left a number of new questions for fans, for example, were all of these characters removed entirely, or are they going to make an appearance one day? Of course, only time can answer that. Of all the characters who canceled their debut, which one are you most excited to see, geeks?

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