10 movies with different endings in each country!

Some of these movies are interesting because they have different endings or endings in each country where the movie is shown. One of the great challenges of a fictional film or story is how to present an interesting and memorable ending or ending. Sometimes an uninteresting ending story can “destroy” the movie during its screening.

It is not uncommon for the production house to invest large funds to present a final story that meets their expectations. Even so, it turns out that there are also several movies that see an opportunity to show their creative side by featuring the ending of a movie. In this case, some of these movies have different endings depending on the country in which they are shown.

No Friends: Dark Web

This is a sequel to the movie Unfriended that was released in 2014. This horror movie tells the story of Matías who carries a laptop that he finds in an internet cafe. When he was on a call with his friends, Matías found a folder that contained horrifying videos. The video itself contains people who are in danger.

The movie Unfriended: Dark Web has two different endings. First, Matías’s girlfriend, Amaya, wakes up in her apartment and notices a hole in her skull. Then, a poll came up that chose Matías to be hit by a truck and Amaya made the scapegoat. The second ending shows Matías being buried alive in a coffin. However, before we see what happens, the movie has ended.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is a unique film in that it presents an interactive concept with the audience. They can determine the decision of the fate of the protagonist where the decision will determine how the ending of the movie will be. There are many alternate endings that the movie features, in which there are approximately five endings to choose from.

different movie endings

However, according to a report by Variety, the various choices and paths chosen by the audience result in a plethora of possibilities in the story. This movie focuses on several characters, namely Stefan Butler, the young programmer, his father, his therapist, and several other characters.


Adapted from Stephen King’s novel of the same name, 1408 is a horror movie that tells the story of a writer named Mike Enslin. Mike never believed in strange and absurd facts. He later received a postcard containing a picture of a hotel called The Dolphin. There was a message written inside saying ‘no entry to room 1408’.

Mike was curious and decided to go to his hotel and try to solve the puzzle. In the original ending, Mike is shown burning alive in a hotel room. In the film version, Mike manages to survive the horrible event and believes that it is all a dream. He then heard his daughter’s voice on an audio recording. The original ending of the film was shown in the United States and Canada. Meanwhile, other countries like the Netherlands, Japan and Australia get the second final.

The descent

A British produced horror film that tells the story of Sarah and her friends who gather for a meeting on a mountain in North Carolina. When some of her friends decided to enter a cave in the mountain, they found a surprise where there was a humanoid living in the cave. There are several endings set up by the movie.

different movie endings

In the original ending, Sarah is shown surviving the terrible monsters. However, she woke up later and was still in the cave. She thought it was all a dream, but the sound of the monster was still there, showing that Sarah had never left the cave. In the American version, Sarah manages to get out of the cave and escapes. However, she then has a hallucination in which she sees her daughter before she finishes the show.

28 days later

The UK region had to deal with a virus called “Rage” after animal activists released a chimpanzee infected with the virus in a laboratory. Approximately 28 days after the incident, a messenger named Jim, played by Cillian Murphy, wakes up from his coma to find that he is in a world he no longer recognizes. Jim also tries to survive from the humans who are infected with the virus.

There are three different endings that Danny Boyle has prepared for this movie. The first ending shows Jim dying from blood loss after being shot in a hospital. The second ending shows the survivors pointing at passing planes. However, it is not known if they were rescued. The third ending is Jim dies after sacrificing himself to give Frank a blood transfusion.

Fatal Attraction

Dan Gallagher is a lucky man who has everything; a beautiful wife and daughter and a brilliant career. However, in reality, Dan felt that this was not enough. He later had an illicit relationship with a book publisher named Alex. However, things get complicated when Alex becomes completely obsessed with Dan.

different movie endingsIn the stage version, the end of the film shows Alex suddenly appearing with a kitchen knife to kill Beth, Dan’s wife. However, Dan stops Alex and drowns him in a bathtub. Alex wasn’t dead yet. Fortunately, Beth shot him. However, the audience in Japan received a different ending where Alex decided to end his life and made it appear that Dan was the culprit. But, in the end, Dan was proven innocent.


In a world in the middle of nowhere, the figure of Sam Lowry lives a boring life. He later envisioned himself as a brave man investigating a case involving the arrest and murder of an innocent figure named Harry Tuttle. In the process, Sam meets the girl of his dreams, Jill Layton, and diverts her from his main mission.

The original Brazilian ending shows Sam on the run from the government and flying off with Jill. However, in reality, Sam had been caught by the government and everything that happened was Sam’s imagination. Universal Pictures considered the ending “too dark” and so changed it without the knowledge of the director, Terry Gilliam.

once upon a time in america

This Sergio Leone film has undergone many changes in its projection. An example is the time difference in terms of the length of the movie. For the European version, this film has a duration of 229 minutes or almost four hours. In the meantime, the US version of the film was edited and its running time was reduced to two hours. Although the length is long, many people like the original version of the movie.

different movie endings

The main draw of the film is the back and forth story that prevents the story from being arranged chronologically. However, in the US version, which was republished by WB, they decided to arrange the plot in an orderly way so that the effect of the movie would not be well received by people. In the European version, the ending of the film has an ambiguous story that makes a strong impression on the audience. Meanwhile, in the US version, De Niro’s character clearly establishes that he is a dead figure. The impact that appears in the story is different.

Bounty hunter

Geeks may already be familiar with the Blade Runner movie. The movie, starring Harrison Ford, tells the story of Rick Deckard, who is a special agent. He is on a mission to destroy robots that violate protocol and commit violence instead. However, in the midst of his mission, Rick begins to experience an identity crisis and questions himself.

different movie endings

An interesting fact about this Ridley Scott film is that there are actually seven versions of the film. He showed all seven versions to the audience at the time. put on screen and when shown in theaters. Although the original version of the film managed to satisfy the desires of audiences outside of the United States, audiences in the United States were less well received. WB eventually re-edited the movie featuring a happy ending for Rick Deckard.

The sound of the music

Worldwide, The Sound of Music is considered one of the best and most legendary movie musicals of all time. However, it turned out that this film was not well received by the public in Germany. This is because the thick Nazi elements appear in the film. Realizing this, 20th Century Fox undertook a major editing process on the film, which removed the ending from the film.

different movie endings

The original version of the film shows the flight to Switzerland, which did not appear in the German premiere. This is the reason why The Sound of Music is not very popular compared to the worldwide popularity of his movies.

The various movie titles above have different endings in each country, this is due to several crucial reasons. For example, the ending of the story being too dark or how the ending story or ending is considered to be not quite right. There could also be other factors. However, the truth is that these films have had a great impact on the modern film industry today.

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