10 Movies That Have Alternate Endings

A movie sometimes has several ending stories or different endings, that is, they have alternate endings. This can happen due to various factors or reasons, for example, the final story is unsatisfactory, less accepted by the audience, not according to the plot, etc. The alternate ending in a movie presents a different ending story.

In a film project, usually the people behind the scenes are trying to present an interesting story. And this, of course, includes presenting an ending that can bring sweet memories to the audience. However, not infrequently the film also presents alternative endings such as the following titles.

1The flash

This is the last film known to have an alternate ending. In fact, this movie is known to have three different endings. According to the report, the film deliberately features many alternate endings considering the conditions at DC Studios and WB Discovery, which are currently in shock. The interesting thing is that the other two alternate endings are better.

The Flash’s first alternate ending features a scene where Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne is present at the trial of Barry Allen’s father along with Supergirl. Meanwhile, the second alternate ending shows a scene in which Michael Keaton and Kara’s Bruce Wayne and Superman and Wonder Woman participate in or are present at the trial of Barry Allen’s father.

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