10 Movie Prophecies That Come True!

When it comes to prophecies, there are some people who believe in them, while the rest think that they are not real. Interestingly, apart from real life, movies have also predicted what will happen in the future. Movies from a few years ago have predicted some pretty scary things, even if they didn’t make sense at first. So what are the predictions in the movie that finally come true? Check out the following Geeks!

super mario brother

Geeks may still remember the movie adaptation of Mario Bros. which was released in 1993. Yes, this movie was very bad and is considered one of the worst movies of all time. As? The movie is considered to be unlike the game version. Along with the poor performance of the players. Still, there is something interesting in this movie, namely the prediction about the collapse of the alias WTC building. world trade center. In fact, there have been many movies that predicted the events of 9/11, but the most accurate prediction is perhaps this movie. At 2:08 into the movie, you will clearly see the WTC being destroyed in a very similar way to the original.


americathon is an American satirical comedy film directed by Neal Israel. This film takes place in the United States and tells the events described in the form of a documentary. The story centers on the global energy crisis that resulted in the bankruptcy of the country and large debts to the government. All the predictions in this movie come true, where the movie manages to predict political, social, and economic issues, such as the decline in US oil production and the rise of China as a global economic power after the fall of the Soviet Union.


This movie has a slightly ridiculous premise, namely a cop and a bad guy who switch identities by undergoing face-changing surgery. The film, starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage, narrates what happened back in 2010, when a team of 30 Spanish doctors performed a full face transplant, and the operation was successful on a patient injured in an accident. Furthermore, a group of French surgeons furthered this feat by performing a transplant that included the eyelids and tear ducts, thus making the predictions in the movie Face/Off come true.

2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey directed by Stanley Kubrick that presents the history of human exploration in space. With revolutionary visual effects for the time, and the careful direction of Kubrick, 2001: A Space Odyssey is considered one of the best works in the history of fictional cinema. Interestingly, this movie manages to predict something, not just one or two things about the future, but a lot of things. Several things that this movie has predicted are the tablet, the international space station, space tourism, and Siri. And interestingly, we can see all the predictions now.

Minority reports

It was in 2014 when the FBI announced that they had finalized the latest facial recognition technology, so they could go one step further. But did you know that was predicted in Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report, set in 2054? But that’s not the only thing that the movie predicts because personalized advertising is also becoming a reality today, because most of the ads we see are targeted ads. And indeed, there are still plenty of predictions from this movie that have proven to be popping up now.


It seems that this is the movie that made Sandra Bullock’s name shine even more in the 90s. This movie tells the story of a computer expert named Angela Bennett who accidentally discovers a dangerous computer program for cybercrime purposes. Well, this movie actually foreshadows what’s happening right now. Her film warns us all with the data theft of personal information that has been commonplace of late. In the past, many thought that The Net was an exaggeration, but now it is all proven. This movie also shows someone’s fingerprint that can be stolen and deleted. In addition, The Net also predicted online pizza ordering, which is now a reality.

Eternal glow of the mind without memories

This movie is about a couple named Joel Barish and Clementine Kruczynski. As their relationship deteriorates, the pair undergo a procedure to erase each other’s memories. The story of this movie really deserves approval, and again the performance of Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet can be combined well. Nearly eleven years after the film’s release, a team of researchers working with the American Psychological Association is proud to announce that they have built a machine that can erase the memories of people suffering from PTSD and bad memories.

The cable boy

This is a movie directed by Ben Stiller and starring Jim Carrey and Matthew Broderick. The story centers on a man named Steven Kovacs who orders a subscription service with a technician named Chip Douglas. At first, everything was normal, but Chip became a terrifying figure. The film features a scene that predicts the future. As Chip screams in the rain, he yells that every American will have cable TV, a computer, and a phone all at once. He even said that people would play Mortal Kombat with a friend in Vietnam, which means successfully predicting the game online and Google TV simultaneously. Coincidence?

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

Released in 1979, Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior became part of the Mad Max trilogy. Mel Gibson reprises the title character as Max Rockatansky. In this movie, war has destroyed resources all over the world. Gasoline is running low, so a gang of ruthless gangs go after others who have the precious resource. This prediction has finally been proven today, where people who have lived in Africa and the Middle East for many years have had to live with minimal resources and have to fight to survive. Mad Max 2 foreshadows the future that actually happened.

The man

The Man is a 1972 American drama film directed by Joseph Sargent and starring James Earl Jones and Martin Balsam. In this film it is said that the president of the United States died due to the collapse of a building. Meanwhile, the vice president refused to replace the president due to his age and declining health. And to fill that void, a senator named Douglas Dilman suddenly became the first black man to be elected president. The movie seems to predict the future and it is shown that Barack Obama was once a black president through democratic elections. Yes, this movie can predict the first black president.

Here are some movie prophecies that turned out to be true. Whether coincidental or not, what is clear is that it really happened.

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