10 Marvel Superheroes Who Hate The Avengers!

The Avengers are the biggest superhero group in the Marvel Universe, but it turns out that there are also heroes who really hate this group. With the best and strongest heroes in the world, the Avengers are a group of heroes who are the answer when a great threat appears and threatens the earth. By working together, they can destroy these various threats.

Many superheroes decide to join the Avengers team. Some were offered to join, but some decided to offer themselves to join. The interesting thing is that not all superheroes like the Avengers. In fact, there are also Marvel superheroes who hate the Avengers team for various reasons. Who are they?

Wonderful man

Simon Williams, also known as Wonder Man, is one of the influential characters in the Avengers group. It could be said that he is one of the characters who co-founded the Avengers. The reason why Wonder Man hates the Avengers team is because he believes that this team has contributed the most to the bad things that happened in his life.

Wonder Man even thinks that what the Avengers are doing needs to end. He later formed another team that aims to stop the Avengers called the Avengers. In fact, they managed to destroy the New Avengers, but when they faced the main Avengers team they ultimately failed.

young avengers

Young Avengers is a team of heroes made up of young superheroes inspired by the Avengers team. However, that doesn’t make them instantly adore the team. The Young Avengers have been shown to have things that are considered incompatible with the Avengers team. One of the things that ultimately made them hate the Avengers team was their arrogance.

The Young Avengers realize they still need training and direction to become a team of heroes. They also attempted to ask the Avengers team for help regarding this matter, to which they flatly refused. Even the most outspoken Captain America refuses to tutor young superheroes. In fact, Steve was trying to stop them from becoming heroes. However, as time passed, the Young Avengers were finally accepted by the Avengers team.


At the beginning of Empyre’s story, Hulkling had shown his hatred for the Avengers team. This was combined with the Avengers becoming allies of the Kotati people. However, the Avengers eventually realized that Kotati’s people had evil intentions to kill every living thing in the Marvel universe. This caused the Avengers team to finally switch places to Hulkling’s side.


Perhaps many geeks don’t expect this, because Spider-Man is a major member of the Avengers. Even so, in fact, the Avengers made Peter Parker’s life ultimately have to suffer. This happened in the Civil War storyline, where Tony Stark managed to persuade Peter to reveal his true identity. Tony said that he was in support of the Superhero Registration Act.

marvel superheroes hate the avengers

However, what happened after Peter revealed his true identity to people was how his life turned into suffering. Aunt May eventually died after someone attacked Peter’s apartment. And the most terrible thing is that finally Peter and Mary Jane decide to make a deal with Mephisto to restore the secret of his identity, sacrificing their marriage.


The Eternals and the Avengers are, in fact, both protectors of earth, but the Eternals once hated the Avengers in an incident. In AX or Avengers vs. X men vs. The Eternals were shown how the mutant X-Men team was attacked by one of the Eternals, Druig. The other Eternals actually tried to stop this by resurrecting one of the Celestials and expected Druig to be punished for this.

marvel superheroes hate the avengers

The Eternals then kidnapped Tony Stark and their teamwork managed to resurrect one of the Celestials. However, the Celestials are beginning to have a mind of their own and give Earth 24 hours to prove that this planet is worth defending. The X-Men and Eternals also blamed Tony Stark for this.

emma frost

Emma Frost has hated the Avengers team from the very beginning. One of the reasons is that the Avengers team never wanted to work with mutants or the X-Men and that the Avengers team never wanted to try to increase the value of mutants in the eyes of the people. This is what makes Emma Frost think the Avengers deserve to be hated.

Emma Frost is one of Tony’s live-in interests, where it is even shown that they got married. Still, Emma always wondered why Tony and the Avengers weren’t around when the X-Men and mutants needed her help. Although Tony tries to give reasons for this, Emma doesn’t believe Tony’s reasons.


Besides Emma Frost, Hank McCoy aka Beast also hates the Avengers team. The Beast figure was recently shown to be the leader of another mutant team, X-Force. However, Beast turns out to be a paranoid leader, especially towards those who don’t openly support mutants and the Avengers being one of them.

Although the Avengers, X-Men, and other mutants have teamed up several times, basically the Avengers team is hardly ever there when the mutants need their help. This is what makes Beast think that she no longer cares for the Avengers and instead hates them.


Daredevil often performs with the Avengers team. However, it turns out that the Avengers once considered Daredevil a threat. The Avengers consider that Darredevil will create or build an army of villains, which makes him a threat and must be stopped. However, Matt Murdock himself is actually on another mission.

marvel superheroes hate the avengers

He wanted to give the villains a chance to change, hoping that the villains would even become heroes. This difference in views regarding morality made Matt Murdock aka Daredevil hate the Avengers. Matt felt that the Avengers were too quick to jump to conclusions.


Actually, what happened between the Punisher and Daredevil has similarities. Frank Castle has worked with the Avengers several times, but both sides have different views on moral justice. For the Avengers, what Frank Castle did was too much. On the other hand, Frank Castle believes that the Avengers need to take action against the villains.

marvel superheroes hate the avengers

In the Punisher Warzone storyline, the Avengers are shown trying to stop and capture Frank Castle. His efforts were ultimately successful, and Frank was later imprisoned. The interesting thing is that Tony made a special prison for Frank Castle that is very far away from other criminals. This was Tony’s anticipatory step so Frank Castle wouldn’t kill the criminals.

X Men

The X-Men are one of the superheroes who hate the Avengers team. As mentioned above, these mutants have never felt safe and comfortable with the existence of the Avengers. What happens is that it is not uncommon for the X-Men and the Avengers to create tension between them. The X-Men team felt that what happened was not fair, since the Avengers team actually gained popularity among the people.

marvel superheroes hate the avengers

Meanwhile, regardless of their efforts to save the earth and humans, these mutants always receive a negative stigma from people. And the Avengers themselves never tried to explain to these people about mutants. Their dispute even appeared in Avengers vs. X Men. And it seems that the dispute between the X-Men and the Avengers is still not going to be resolved in the near future.

Despite all the reputation and popularity of the Avengers team, there are actually several Marvel superheroes who hate the team as well. Most of this is because the Avengers and these groups have different points of view, causing the Avengers to think that these groups are a threat. However, do the Avengers really deserve this hate? What do you think?

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