10 hidden secrets in the world of comics

In the comic book industry, it turns out that there are several hidden secrets that perhaps not many readers know or discover. The hidden secret can only be discovered if the readers really pay attention to the details of each panel. Hidden secrets will often only be realized or discovered in the next few years.

The world of comics is really very interesting because there are almost no limits that the story can present. They can raise the dead and so on. However, what is also not less interesting is that there are hidden secrets that the writers or authors of the story deliberately slipped. While sometimes these secrets are usually mundane messages, it’s not uncommon for these secrets in the world of comics to affect everything.

10DC mocking Marvel

He’s no stranger to stories about the Marvel and DC rivalry that happened decades ago, even today. In fact, it’s not uncommon for them to do a collaboration as well. However, what often happens is how the two compete with each other. Proof of this rivalry is how it was when DC tried to make fun of Marvel Comics.

In the comic book story League of Extraordinary Gentlemen #5, there is a panel showing an ad for a women’s tool where the word “Marvel” is in the ad. Then, in the top 10 comics, a newspaper headline appears on one of the panels reading “Miracle Douche Recall”. The article refers to an ad for women’s tools made by the Marvel company. This made DC Comics officials decide to destroy the comics that were already in circulation and reprint them by changing the word “Marvel” to “Amaze”. Alan Moore, the author of Top 10 and TLOEG, is known to be in a dispute with Marvel Comics.

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