10 forgotten members of the Avengers!

Although the Avengers are extraordinary, especially thanks to the members of the popular superheroes, it turns out that there are some superheroes that have been forgotten. Avengers is a team of heroes in Marvel Comics. They are a team of heroes whose members are popular superheroes. Examples are Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Black Panther, and many others.

Several other hero characters are also known to have been members of the Avengers, though most of their existence in this hero group is not too long. However, because many Marvel superheroes have been members of the Avengers, some of these characters have been forgotten. Many fans forget that this character was ever a part of the group. So who are they?

Triathlon/Men 3-D

The first forgotten member of the Avengers is a superhero whose name was changed by Marvel, namely Triathlon. He joined the Avengers team while he was still a spokesperson for an organization called Triune Understanding. They are also what give Triathlon its mighty power. However, Triathlon later changed his name to 3-D Man.

the forgotten avengers

The Avengers deliberately recruited Triathlon due to her ability as a spokesperson. They hope that the Triathlon can improve their image in the eyes of the public. He decided to leave the Triune Understanding and prevent the leader from becoming a god. As a result of this, the image of the Avengers has increased. However, he later decided to leave the team. Triathlon has been featured in several stories, for example when he became a member of the Avengers Doctor Doom. However, then he disappeared.


The name Stingray may not be as popular, even though he was the first hero to catch Namor. Despite that, Stingray later became one of Namor’s allies. Real name Walter Newell, he is an expert in marine science. Stingray has also joined two epic hero teams like the Fantastic Four and of course the Avengers.

the forgotten avengers

Usually they would contact Walter when they needed his help with the ocean. Unfortunately, the Stingray character loses face compared to other underwater characters like Namor. This is why many fans don’t remember that Stingray was ever part of the Avengers group. In fact, he was once the leader of the Avengers’ underwater base, Hydro-Base, which now no longer exists.

living lightning

Diversity is something that Marvel always echoes and this is also applied in their comics. Miguel Santos, aka Living Lightning, was deliberately bred to add to the diversity in the Avengers group, where this initial step was the wrong thing to do. In fact, he only appears as a cameo in several stories.

Because he rarely participates in major events and rarely appears, in the end, Living Lightning is forgotten by many fans. However, this may have something to do with the character’s history. The main reason Living Lightning joined the Great Lakes Avengers, he guessed it was an association for same-sex lovers. This error seems to have caused Marvel Comics to try not to reintroduce it.

The boy with two arms

In one of the adventures of the Avengers trying to stop the efforts of Kang the Conqueror, they came across a superhero named The Two-Gun Kid. He is a hero who seeks to destroy evil in the West. After the meeting, Two-Gun Kid became good friends with Hawkeye and they even went on adventures together.

The appearance of the Two-Gun Kid character in the midst of other members of the Avengers is indeed a unique and bizarre decision and choice. However, this has inspired many modern heroes. Unfortunately, the impact of his character could not increase the popularity of Two-Gun Kid, who eventually became one of the forgotten members of the Avengers.

Lion heart

Since the beginning of her introduction into the story, Kelsey Leigh, also known as Lionheart, has had to go through a very tough story. Kelsey is a teacher and also a single mother when she sacrifices herself to save Captain America. Because of this, she was chosen to be Captain Britain’s successor. She then tells her to choose between the Sword of Power and the Amulet of Right.

the forgotten avengers

Kelsey chose her sword, which separated her from her son. As Lionheart, Kelsey later joined the Avengers team even though she wasn’t there for very long. She then returned to England and had to become one of Marvel’s unsung heroes.

jack of hearts

Jack of Hearts is one of the characters introduced by Marvel Comics in the 1970s. The story of his past can be said to be very complicated and the costumes he wears are considered unattractive by fans. Jack Heart has super powers where he can fly and shoot incredible energy. Jack later finds out that his parents are aliens.

Unfortunately, throughout Jack’s appearance, he was never able to master his power. Jack is also known to have little emotional control. He had joined the Avengers for a while, but then decided to go into hiding. And in the end, he blew himself up before Scarlet Witch resurrected him and blew himself up again.

moon dragon

Moondragon is an intergalactic telepathic expert who has been either a hero or a villain in Marvel Comics stories. The character has quite a long history with the Avengers. He always considered others far below him. In one story, Moondragon once tried to take over the land on the grounds that it was the best way to achieve peace. Moondragon also faced off against the Avengers and teamed up with Korvac. What’s interesting is that Moondragon later joined the Guardians of the Galaxy and then disappeared and rarely appears in various stories.


Speaking of Guardians of the Galaxy, geeks are certainly no stranger to the Mantis character. Thanks to his appearance in the MCU, the popularity of the Mantis character has become extraordinary. However, many may not know that Mantis spent a lot of time with the Avengers. Mantis often has a large role in Avengers adventure stories.

the forgotten avengers

Mantis’s appearance had even been predicted by the Priests of Pama, who trained her even from a young age. According to them, Mantis will have a role as the Heavenly Messiah. Her telepathic and mind control abilities have been of key importance in the Kree-Skrull war and the Avengers’ efforts to defeat Thanos.

silver claws

The character Silverclaw was created by Kurt Busiek and George Perez in the Avengers comics in the 1990s. When the creators of the characters stopped working on the comic, the characters were forgotten. Silverclaw was born in Costa Verde and his father assumed that the boy had something to do with the local mythological stories. He has the super power of being able to transform into various forest animals and is also a very tough fighter. Unfortunately, from the 1990s until now it is not known what happened to him.

the forgotten one

The last forgotten member of the Avengers is The Forgotten One. The choice of the name of this character does not seem like a good idea if people want to remember him. The interesting thing is that The Forgotten One is one of the Eternals that has existed on earth for millions of years. Many ancient peoples misinterpreted the Forgotten One to be Hercules, Samson, and Gilgamesh.

the forgotten avengers

However, using the identity of Gilgamesh, he later joined the Avengers, though not for long. The Forgotten One later dies as a result of the injuries he received in his fight against Blastaar. Although The Forgotten One has made many sacrifices for the Avengers or humanity, he ultimately suffered a bad fate as his name implies.

With the appearance of the Avengers team in Marvel comics decades ago, it’s only natural that there are many characters who later joined this team, although most joined in a short time. However, with this short bond duration, many superhero characters are eventually forgotten as members of the Avengers.

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