10 dark secrets of the Justice League!

The Justice League is the largest group of heroes in the DC universe, but they keep several dark secrets that not many people know about. In the DC universe, there are many groups of heroes trying to prevent various threats or evils that exist. However, their level is mostly not as high as that of the Justice League, which is so respected all over the world.

In addition to protecting earth, the Justice League is known to be the protector of the entire DC universe and the multiverse as well. Not without reason they do this. Justice League has several heroes with very powerful powers. However, it turns out that the Justice League has several dark secrets that very few people know about. They hid it heavily. What are the secrets?

Kill Maxwell Lord

The Justice League and most of the heroes always prioritize their human side, where they have the principle that they cannot kill their opponents. However, one of its members, Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman, who is an ambassador for world peace, actually did the opposite. Wonder Woman is shown killing Maxwell Lord’s life.

Lord himself is shown in the story to be able to control Superman using his strength. Wonder Woman is the only heroine who can survive the power of God. When Diana later learns of Lord’s plan to continue to control Superman in order to destroy all metahumans and superheroes, she does the unexpected by snapping Lord’s neck. While the entire Justice League was keeping this secret, the Brother Eye satellite captured the moment when it broadcast it around the world and destroyed the reputation of Wonder Woman, the Justice League, and the people of Amazon.

Construction of sophisticated satellites

Batman is known to have paranoia, or an extreme fear of destruction or chaos in the world. He was always worried that heroes would do evil. This is the reason why Batman builds a sophisticated satellite called Brother Eye. What is both unbelievable and horrifying is that Brother Eye actually has his own life, or brain.

Brother Eye’s initial task is to monitor all the activities of metahumans or superheroes if they do something terrible, like Wonder Woman killing Maxwell Lord. However, Brother Eye actually started fighting metahumans. Brother Eye is able to create nanite technology that turns humans into cyborgs. Brother Eye himself once controlled these cyborgs to attack Themyscera. The Justice League knows who created Brother Eye, but the public never did.

Plans to kill all members of the Justice League

Batman is intelligent and respected by the heroes, despite his lack of superpowers. Unlike the other heroes, people are afraid of Batman. Few people know what Bruce Wayne really is and how he is willing to do anything. An example is making a plan to kill all members of the Justice League.

As mentioned above, Batman is a paranoid figure who worries that the world is chaotic and superheroes are getting out of control. He then creates a plan against the Justice League containing the various weaknesses of all Justice League members and how to defeat them as shown in the Tower of Babel storyline. Ra’s Al Ghul once stole the plan that resulted in the world and the heroes being on the brink of destruction.

Imprison the Batman Who Laughs

The Hall of Justice is known as the headquarters of the Justice League. However, the place is also a tourist attraction frequented by tourists and civilians alike. There is much to contemplate of the interesting things of your favorite heroes. Some areas in the Hall of Justice are restricted areas to enter or visit. One of the reasons is because the place is home to one of the most terrible villains.

Unknown to many people, the Hall of Justice is actually a prison for the villainous Batman Who Laughs. This alternate version of Batman from the Dark Multiverse has killed everyone in the universe. He is smart, dangerous and terrible. With his reputation, perhaps visitors would never want to come there if they knew this fact.

Hide the white martian facts

Hyperclan is a nation that comes from Mars where they are trying to conquer the earth. However, the terrible thing is that the White Martians can transform into members of the Justice League and destroy the reputation and public trust in these heroes. Fortunately, the Justice League managed to prevent Hyperclan attacks and invasions.

Martian Manhunter then used his telepathic powers to erase the memories of the White Martians. These white Martians thought they were human. Unfortunately, however, some of them have managed to restore their memories and return to chaos. The public will certainly never know if the Justice League is doing this to get this threat to blend in with the people.

Erasing people’s memories

The Justice League puts their lives on the line every day and they make sure that their entire family is safe from threats. This is the reason why keeping the original identity is key, but not a few villains can finally discover the secret. This made some members of the Justice League decide to do something to stop this.

the dark secrets of the justice league

Various members of the Justice League (Barry Allen, Black Canary, Hal Jordan, Hawkman, Elongated Man, Atom, and Zatanna) work together to erase the memories of enemies who already know their true identities. At first everything was going well until Batman found out what they were doing when they tried to erase Doctor Light’s memory. Members of the Justice League know this, but the public has never known it.

Hide the facts of the dark multiverse

The Multiverse has been a secret for a long time, but due to the events of the previous Crisis, it was difficult to keep that fact a secret. It’s hard to argue that there are other universes or alternate universes besides the main universe. However, the Dark Multiverse is actually very hidden and it takes quite a while to find the universe.

the dark secrets of the justice league

The Justice League first discovered the Dark Multiverse when they confronted Barbatos and covered up this fact. However, in the end, everyone knows this fact that causes fear to surface in a massive way. The situation became even more chaotic when Perpetua and the Batman Who Laughs managed to defeat the Justice League, ultimately causing the two to spread terror from the Dark Multiverse to earth.

Barry Allen ruined the multiverse

Speaking about the Multiverse, Barry Allen once damaged the multiverse, resulting in a series of events that eventually had to change. This happened in the Flashpoint story, where Barry is on a mission to save his mother from death. However, what happened was that many terrible things appeared. For example, the inhabitants of the Amazons and Atlantis were at war with each other.

the dark secrets of the justice league

Superman then becomes a prisoner of the American government, Thomas Wayne becomes Batman and becomes a brutal Batman, and the Justice League never existed. Although the Multiverse was finally corrected only after Barry realized his mistake, the world that emerged was completely different from before. And people never know what really happened.

The crash of the old multiverse

Long before Barry Allen changed the reality of the various Multiverses, without many people knowing the truth, the Multiverse they lived in was destroyed before a new Multiverse arose. This happened in one of the main phenomenal events of DC Comics, namely Crisis on Infinite Earths. The Anti-Monitor is the mastermind behind the destruction of the multiverses at the time.

the dark secrets of the justice league

The entire Justice League team, and various other heroes and allies, seek to destroy the Anti-Monitor and return everything to the way it was. However, they all failed to do so. The Anti-Monitor keeps winning and in the end reality changes. Most people never know about the destruction.

The secret of the creation of the multiverse

The last dark secret of the Justice League hides the secret of the creation of the Multiverse. On Earth or the main universe, one of the big questions that comes to many people’s minds is how the universe was created. Some DC heroes have access to communicate with gods and ancestral spirits, which they then use to gather information about the origins of the universe. And only a few heroes know this fact.

the dark secrets of the justice league

As it turns out, it all goes back to a creature called Kronoa that has been around since the universe was created. In the fight against the Anti-Monitor, the Justice League visits the universe where she first appeared. They also know various secrets that not many people know about. However, hiding this fact was considered a bad thing.

Members of the Justice League have often succeeded in protecting earth and the DC universe. They are willing to sacrifice anything to protect this world. However, sometimes the Justice League holds dark secrets that not many people know about. Perhaps, they did this on purpose to protect these people.

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