10 copies of Tokusatsu from various countries!

It turns out that various production houses in various countries do not hesitate to produce clones of Japanese Tokusatsu. Tokusatsu is a Japanese hero series characterized by strong special effects. Ultraman and Kamen Rider are some examples of popular Japanese tokusatsu characters. With the popularity of Tokusatsu, it’s not uncommon for various countries to try to come up with their version.

Indonesia itself has an official Tokusatsu that has received permission from Ishinomori, namely Bima Satria Garuda. However, it turns out that there are also several production houses in various countries that are trying to present clones of these Tokusatsu. And what is also surprising is that it can be said that this clone is not official or does not have permission from the franchise owner. So what are these Tokusatsu?

1the beast girl

The first Tokusatsu clone from various countries is The Beast Girl. There are interesting facts about this movie, such as the introduction of several official titles. In the Chinese version, the title of the film is “The Battle of Light and Darkness.” When the film was later released internationally, this film had another title, namely The Beast Girl or Dragon Blade.

This film is the result of the collaboration between two production companies in two countries, China and Malaysia. The story itself centers on three girls who are part of a group of exterminators of aliens on earth. The three girls have another profession, namely idol singers. What then becomes the copycat point of the movie is when they use a giant robot at the end of the story. Geeks may feel that the robot is similar to Ultraman in this modern age.

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